National Indoor Arena
Birmingham UK
Symphonic Tour
Audience Recording
Artwork Included
Quality B.

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Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
with Tom Brislin and The European Festival Orchestra

Disc One.
Overture (excerpt from "Give Love Each Day")
Close to the Edge
Orchestral Instrumental
Long Distance Runaround
Don't Go
Tour Song
In the Presence of…(Featuring Alan White on piano)
(exit Orchestra)
Steve Howe set:
Second Initial
Starship Trooper
(orchestra rejoins for Wurm)

Disc Two
And You and I
Ritual (including brief bass and drum solos)
I've seen all good people
Roundabout (without orchestra)

Review from
And so to 2001, and "Yes Symphonic." This tour presents the band, less Sherwood, with a full (but small) orchestra from Eastern Europe and this group of enthusiastic young musicians were very effective throughout, without ever being overbearing, adding just the right amount of colour to most things they played. What, then, of keyboards? There was still plenty of space for impressive guest Tom Brislin, whose note-perfect renditions of Wakeman's solos kept the audience happy.

As for the rest of the band, they were all in fine form, with Jon Anderson in great voice and, as always, chatty and funny between songs. A slimmer Chris Squire remained as dextrous as ever, while an increasingly wizened Steve Howe still showed that he is a multi-instrumental master. Meanwhile, the excellent Alan White actually played a little piano for a change. Stephen Lambe.