In The Presence of Hammersmith
December 5th 2001
Hammersmith Odeon Theatre
London, England, United Kingdom
Symphonic Tour
Audience Recording
Artwork Included
Quality B+
Time 155.49 Minutes
From the collection of Jim R.

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Chris Squire (Bass)
Alan White (Drums)
Tom Brislin (Keyboards)

With : The European Festival Orchestra

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Our taper seems to be in front of Steve as he seems quite high
in this recording. Roundabout sounds a bit different from the rest of the recording,maybe our taper was on his way out. The sound was very quiet,so raised the volume and did a couple of fades.

Disc One
1. Give Love Each Day
2. Close To The Edge
3. Listen To Your Heart/Long Distance Runaround
4. Don't Go/Tour Song
5. In The Presence Of
6. Gates Of Delirium
7. In The Course Of The Day
8. Clap

Disc Two
1. Starship Trooper
2. Magnification
3. And You And I
4. Ritual
5. I've Seen All Good People
6. Roundabout

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