Smirnoff Amphitheatre
Dallas, TX
August 17, 2002

Audience recording, DAT master, complete show.

Source: DSM-6S > D7
Lineage: Tascam DA-20MKII > digital coax > Marantz CDR630 standalone CD recorder > CD extraction with xACT > Sound Studio > xACT > FLAC (level 8)

Taping location: Section 102 Row J Seat 19
Taper: TT

This recording was previously remastered by smt (aka TooleMan) and circulated among the Yes trading group YesSwap several years ago. This is a fresh remaster of the original DAT recording, and includes the Firebird Suite intro which had been cut from the TooleMan version. To raise the overall volume, I used some light compression to bring the audience applause between tracks to a level more in line with the rest of the recording.

Jon Anderson: vocals
Steve Howe: guitars
Chris Squire: bass
Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Alan White: drums

d1t01 Firebird Suite
d1t02 Siberian Khatru
d1t03 America
d1t04 In The Presence Of
d1t05 We Have Heaven
d1t06 South Side Of The Sky
d1t07 The Revealing Science Of God

d2t01 Leaves Of Green
d2t02 Little Galliard
d2t03 Tour Song
d2t04 Show Me
d2t05 Wakeman Solo/Wonderous Stories/And You And I
d2t06 Heart Of The Sunrise
d2t07 Magnification
d2t08 Don't Kill The Whale
d2t09 Whitefish

d3t01 Awaken
d3t02 Yours Is No Disgrace
d3t03 Roundabout

Total times:
Disc 1: 68:51
Disc 2: 56:26
Disc 3: 39:51

I would prefer that this not be sold or converted to lossy formats such as mp3.
However, I realize it's out of my hands now.



Yes2002Dallas d1t01.flac:a94f27ce62724c3b07556928520c56f5
Yes2002Dallas d1t02.flac:ff1f237659f65387f1006cba219b0172
Yes2002Dallas d1t03.flac:8007e4c23314338f23c41f0be3ee4093
Yes2002Dallas d1t04.flac:1dc2ae79f7bbf376d60e1d2b9ba14354
Yes2002Dallas d1t05.flac:822ca615bc4698972b4bc5c6c6358f7d
Yes2002Dallas d1t06.flac:15cc098c528adb7730bc2186e4955c4e
Yes2002Dallas d1t07.flac:7bd76edae31e04e9e9fc7ede7d1ce637
Yes2002Dallas d2t01.flac:ca29b44d381f925d99fe60c1e20ce64b
Yes2002Dallas d2t02.flac:586f265bcc2abd8d07a902af7965c179
Yes2002Dallas d2t03.flac:ae907cb14f94d8b8a45eb8e4f62f6995
Yes2002Dallas d2t04.flac:586ea86ac8ceabe0bcced91aafe5d98b
Yes2002Dallas d2t05.flac:f3579de752aa0537fa50b350c91959a9
Yes2002Dallas d2t06.flac:83a43f7ae879459ee8814a424c7309c8
Yes2002Dallas d2t07.flac:dc4c50f96ede8206dcc321baeee94d88
Yes2002Dallas d2t08.flac:9b242bd73aacf909f8a718e16cbaa169
Yes2002Dallas d2t09.flac:825676e22e546f850c1da0b35f651061
Yes2002Dallas d3t01.flac:9c44019350be1e108d1e00eae10ab566
Yes2002Dallas d3t02.flac:8ae96eab94a1ed4dcfedb1f90c59d73b
Yes2002Dallas d3t03.flac:784c648a29298fadf8fd4f8601b1503d