Las Vegas Hilton
Las Vegas, NV
Ausgust 24, 2002

1.01 Firebird Suite (2.45)
1.02 Siberian Khatru (10.51)
1.03 America (11.32)
1.04 In The Presence Of (12.12)
1.05 We Have Heaven (1.04)
1.06 South Side Of The Sky (9.40)
1.07 The Revealing Science Of God (22.54)

2.01 Heart Of The Sunrise (12.06)
2.02 Magnification (8.06)
2.03 Don't Kill The Whale (4.38)
2.04 Awaken (20.44)
2.05 Roundabout (6.38)

Jon Anderson - vocals, guitar, percussion
Steve Howe - guitars, vocals
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Alan White - drums, vocals

I could be mistaken, but this may have never been shared previously on DIME. I recently obtained this recording from Remy's YesSongs site (thanks!) and because it is no longer available for download there I thought it would be nice to share. Because it is always nice to share.

Although this is a very good performance, it is only 90 minutes due to time restrictions imposed by the Las Vegas Hilton. Additionally, I do not have lineage for this show and could not find any information online in the usual locations. Thanks to the original taper and Remy for making this performance available.

Taper(s): ?
Lineage: ? (Listed on YesSongs as "radio broadcast recording")
Notes on Sound Quality: SDB-radio broadcast (?)
Convert to lossy for personal use only-please share only LOSSLESS files
Artwork included
Please support the artist-purchase official recordings, attend performances regularly, and visit the website(s): (Great site, thanks Remy!)


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