Historic Orpheum Theatre
Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 23, 2002

Disc 1 Set 1
1 Firebird Suite
2 Siberian Khatru
3 Magnification
4 Don't Kill The Whale
5 In The Presence Of
6 We Have Heaven
7 South Side Of The Sky
8 Close To The Edge
9 In The Course Of The Day/ The Clap

Disc 2 Set 2
1 Show Me
2 Wakeman Solo
3 Heart Of The Sunrise
4 Long Distance Runaround
5 The Fish
6 Awaken
7 Starship Trooper

Lineage: Sound Professional cardiod stealth mics > Sony M1 DAT > Soundforge (Levels, fades etc. - no EQ) > CD Wave > dB Power Amp (Flac Level 8 compression)

Notes: Full Circle Tour. I recorded from about half way back, close to center. This recording suffers early from some stealth glitches and bumps but is just fine within the first minute or so. I rate the sound as excellent, an "A". Play this LOUD and see if you agree...

According to, this show has not been previously circulated. Enjoy! Taped, mastered and seeded by PeterT23.

md5 file and flac footprint file included with torrent.

*** I torrented this show a long time ago, then lost my master copy. Some time later it reappeared on Dime; a few digital issues were cleaned up by the second uploader, many thanks; they are detailed below. He also added some checksum files, VLC cues, and a pretty snazzy CD cover! I've updated this info file accordingly before re-torrenting in April 2013. Oh, now knows of this recording... PeterT ***


- Decoding to wav
- Fixing sector boundary errors on disc 1, tracks 4, 5 with shntool
- Zero padding at the end of disc 1 (293 samples)
- Zero padding at the end of disc 2 (344 samples)
- Re-encoding to FLAC (level 8)