Yes-Full Circle In Berlin


June 11th 2003

Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany
Disc One
01. Opening: Firebird Suite 02:45
02. Siberian Khatru 10:20
03. Magnification 07:02
04. Don't Kill The Whale 04:51
05. In The Presence Of 12:23
06. We Have Heaven/South Side Of The Sky 12:51
07. And You And I 12:07
08. To Be Over (acoustic instrumental) 05:14
09. Second Initial 03:30

Disc Two
01. Show Me 04:52
02. Rick Wakeman Solo 05:09
03. Heart Of The Sunrise 11:46
04. Long Distance Runaround 03:49
05. The Fish/Whitefish/Silent Wings Of Freedom 09:06
06. Awaken 17:54
07. Encore Applause 02:55
08. Roundabout 06:07
09. Starship Trooper 13:29
Jon Anderson Lead Vocals, Guitar, Harp & Percussion
Steve Howe Lead Guitars & Backing Vocals
Chris Squire Bass Guitars & Backing Vocals
Rick Wakeman Keyboards
Alan White Drums & Percussion

Original Liner Notes PRRP :

Where does a circle end ?

If there is one classic line that applies to the band Yes, it must be the one that says 'expect the unexpected' ! Unexpected was the fact that this quintet of very young and talented musicians would, after quite a few early and major line-up changes, turn themselves into one of the finest and most respected progressive rock bands of the seventies. Also unexpected was the rebirth of the band which, after the short lived popularity of punk and disco, would then allow Yes to become a worldwide hit for the very first time. Also unexpected was the two-way split in the Yes members in 1989, with ABWH on one side and the remaining Yes musicians on the other. The �unexpected� struck again when the two sides merged in a UNION during 1991. Unfortunately, this heroic experiment was doomed to failure as so much talent and so many egos could never co-exist within the same band for long.

An unexpected transition then occurred with a return to the classic Yes Line up of Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman and White. The San Luis Obispo shows in 1996 were the result and were considered a huge success. But even this new circumstance was short-lived as Rick Wakeman departed for a third time in the band's history and Igor Khoroshev provided Yes with a new start. Yet again, a clash of egos led to removal of personnel and a new direction for Yes: The Symphonic Yes. With Tom Brislin on keyboards and a full orchestra, Yes recreated their old classics and created some new music, all with the typical Yes style that is so recognizable to those who follow the band.

Classics such as �Close To The Edge�, �The Gates Of Delirium� and �Ritual� took on a whole new dimension when performed with orchestral accompaniment. This tour was a huge success and, to the delight of Yes fans around the world, was captured on video for DVD release. The YES SYMPHONIC DVD quickly became the most popular Yes novelty to appear in many years.

And after this very successful tour, another unexpected twist occurred, perhaps the most important for the future of Yes. Rick Wakeman joined the band once more. This would be his fourth and hopefully final time becoming a member. The newly reformed Yes classic line up proceeded through 2002 and right into 2003 with a tour known as �Full Circle�. Unexpected at this time was the inclusion of songs such as �We Have Heaven� and �South Side Of The Sky� in the set list, songs that were only rarely performed live at the time that they were composed. The �Full Circle� tour provided Rick Wakeman with an opportunity to put his own stamp on a couple of songs from the MAGNIFICATION album as both the title track and �In The Presence Of� were performed this time. It also marked the unexpected return of the song �Don't Kill The Whale�, from the much underrated TORMATO album. This performance in Berlin on June 11th 2003 is a good example of the sound of Yes at the time. Those who were there describe a few mistakes, a bit of humour, but most of all a classic Yes performance by classic Yes musicians. Now that is NOT unexpected !

PRRP Staff
Notes from the Re-Master

The source for this show was a CD copy of the original DAT tape used to record the show. The quality was outstanding with music signal up to 20,000 Hz. This is as good as it gets! The acoustics suggested a central location of the taper within the venue with a great presence felt when you hear the show. Much of the show was clipped due to excessive sub-bass frequencies. Clip restoration was performed and tonality adjustment algorithms were run to rebalance the sound. The upper treble frequencies were also excessive and required attenuation to correct the piercing quality of some sections of the performance. Audience noise and applause were attenuated in most places while some sections of Jon's dialogue needed to be amplified. A few whistles and episodes of feedback needed to be attenuated but there were no significant pops, clicks or hiss to deal with. The result is one of the best recordings of Yes music we have heard!

PRRP Staff

Source: PRRP______HDD________TLH__________Wave_________Flac

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