Artist: Yes
Date: 2003 June 15
Location/venue: Warsaw, Sala Kongresowa

To my best knowledge, this had not been in circulation.

Jon Anderson - lead vocal, guitar, harp
Steve Howe - guitars, backing vocal
Chris Squire - bass guitar, backing vocal
Rick Wakeman - keyboards, backing vocal (?)
Alan White - drums

Lineage: AUD > SP CMC-4 omnis > battery box > Sony MZ R-900 > digital transfer to wav > track splitting by CDWAVE, edits by GoldWave > flac (verify, alignment on sector boundaries)

Sound: 8.5 out of 10 (on a subjective scale)


CD 1

1. Crowd, intro
2. Siberian Khatru
3. Magnification
4. Don't kill the whale
5. In the presence of
6. Applause, talk
7. We have heaven
8. South side of the sky
9. Applause, talk
10. And you and I
11. Howe's solo spot (from To be over and Second initial)
12. Applause, talk
13. Show me

CD 2

1. Wakeman's solo spot (from Catherine Howard and Judas Iscariot) - fades out
2. Heart of the sunrise - fades in
3. Long distant roundaround
4. WhiteFish (from Fish, Tempus Fugit, On the silent wings Of freedom and Shinderella Preamuts)
5. Awaken
6. Applause, talk
7. Roundabout
8. Starship Trooper

(Note: if your CD burner is capable of overbuning, I suggest to burn CD2/1 to the first disc.)

Home-made artwork is included.

Known problems: Track 2/1 fades out and 2/2 fades in because of disc exchange.

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Recorded, edited and shared on DaD by eref2000. The digital transfer was made by my fellow taper K.Z., whose
contribution is gratefully acknowledged! Please share freely, never buy or sell, do not encode to lossy formats, do not alter the sound.


"Music belongs to everyone" - Kod�ly Zolt�n, Hungarian composer and music pedagogue (1882-1967)

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