International Forum Hall
Tokyo, Japan
September 15, 2003

Jon's Monitor Feed?

Some reception static, and the dominance of Jon's voice in the mix, lead me to believe this is a capture of Jon's monitor feed. I did some EQ and editing on the audio, but not much. Sound quality is good, but FM hiss is present throughout.

Lineage: wish I knew more. A receiver -> a recording device -> audio CD's -> EAC -> Sound Forge -> CD -> EAC -> FLAC. (This comes from the day when I didn't store FLAC files, so pardon the multiple CD generations. No errors occurred in the extractions.)

Siberian Khatru
Don't Kill The Whale
In The Presence Of
We Have Heaven
South Side Of The Sky
And You And I
To Be Over (Howe solo)
Clap (end CD 1)
Sa-He-Ta (Japanese song - Tulip, according to
Show Me
Wakeman Solo
Heart Of The Sunrise
Long Distance Runaround
Owner Of A Lonely Heart

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