Jim Ladd's Living Room
35th Anniversary
27th January 2004
Radio KLOS Broadcast
Artwork Included
Quality A
Time 52.40

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Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

An acoustic style performance,with interviews,songs and Rick in great form.
Checked SBE's in Traders Little Helper.

Jim Ladd's Living Room - KLOS studios, Los Angeles - 27 -> 01 -> 04

Suzanne Ansilio intro, Jim Ladd intro, Tiger rag, South side of the sky, Jon Anderson interview, Long distance runaround, Alan White interview, Time is time, Rick Wakeman and Steve Howe interviews, Intersection blues, Steve Howe and Chris Squire interviews, Show me, Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman interviews, Your move, Jon Anderson and Alan White interviews, Roundabout