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Requested torrent (ah, c`mon, pretty please, someone must have it available for upload).
Steve Howe's Remedy - Amsterdam, Paradiso, March 14, 2004, Length: 111m, Quality: A; Aud
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Yes - Roundhouse '71 - Dagenham, England, U.K., February 27, 1971 DIME

Date: Saturday, February 27, 1971
City: Dagenham, England, United Kingdom
Venue: Roundhouse
Capacity: 800

Jon Anderson (Vocals)
Bill Bruford (Drums)
Steve Howe (Guitars)
Tony Kaye (Keyboards)
Chris Squire (Bass)

I got this from somewhere i can`t remember from where.
I was looking for a complete version of this cd (HL392 Highland)
since the version i had was incomplete (track 6 was missing completely).
I did find it somewhere (thank you, whoever you were!), and it was complete!
Although track 6 (America) is incomplete, it seems to be the only version known.

As i don`t remember where i got it from, i can`t say a word on lineage.
The files i downloaded were in flac (i know that for sure) ripped from the silver discs,
i burned these to cd-r, and now ripped this cd-r (honesty is the best policy) to wave.

MD5 WAVE, MD5, FFP included (& tested) (from my rip).
EAC log included.
Cover included.
Screenshot of EAC wave process.
A sample (mp3) is posted for those who need it.

It`s only a little torrent, so downloading should not take too long.

01. Yours Is No Disgrace
02. I've Seen All Good People
03. Clap (including Classical Gas snippet)
04. Perpetual Change
05. Everydays
06. America (cut, fades out)

Announcements between songs (transcribed by: Pete Whipple):

before 'I've Seen All Good People'
Jon Anderson: Thanks a lot. Clap.
Steve Howe: One, two.
Jon Anderson: [???] and..uh he's a capable guy.
Uh..we're going to do a song with Steven to my right trashing away with a Vocarian..um instrument.
[???] It's a new track from..uh the third LP.
It's called..uh two parts.
First part is called 'Your Move'.
The second part is the name of the song.
'I've Seen All Good People'.

before 'Clap'
Jon Anderson: Thank you. Thanks. Thank you.
Uh..I'm going to leave you with Steven to might right.
He's going to play some..uh acoustic guitar.
Yeah. Here's a few songs that go together called 'Clap'.

before 'Perpetual Change'
Steve Howe: Thank you very much. [???]
Jon Anderson: [???] all clapping.
Steve Howe: We're going to do another track. [???]
Jon Anderson: [???]
Steve Howe: A song called 'Perpetual Change'.

before 'Everydays'
Jon Anderson: ...a song..uh from the second LP.
Uh..little song by Steven Stills called 'Everydays' and..uh.
(taken from Forgotten Yesterdays)

I`m not online 24/7, it is what it is!

Hope you enjoy it!

All the best;