Yes ~ "Mind Drive To Paradise"
Friday, May 7, 2004
Toronto, Canada ~ The Centre

Taper:......David Murray [ninjadave]
Mastering:..SiriusJoe [Sirius Records] Floor close to aisle - about 1/2 way back
Config:.....Audience stealth - Mics on Glasses w/Croakies
Source:.....SP-CMC-8 [AT933] cardioid~>SP Battery Box~>[line in] Archos Gmini 120 [Wav 16 bit~44.1khz]
Conversion:.Master WAV from Archos Gmini 120 [via USB] ~> PC ~> Editing/Tracking ~> FLAC
Editing:....Cool Edit [fades, normalization, etc.]

............Excellent AUD from MASTER [no cuts] - NEVER TRADED~NEW SOURCE.

............Jon Anderson ~ vocals
............Steve Howe ~ guitars
............Chris Squire ~ bass
............Rick Wakeman ~ keyboards
............Alan White ~ percussion

DISC 1 ~ 70:01

01..01:56..Firebird Suite Intro
02..05:34..Going For The One
03..06:47..Sweet Dreams
04..06:55..I've Seen All Good People
05..18:49..Mind Drive I/South Side Of The Sky
06..08:16..Turn Of The Century
07..01:58..Foot Prints
08..06:15..Mind Drive II
09..13:30..Yours Is No Disgrace


DISC 2 ~ 48:01

01..02:45..The Meeting
02..03:52..Long Distance Runaround
03..04:36..Wonderous Stories
04..04:05..Time Is Time
05..06:45..Roundabout Chicago Blues
06..04:15..Show Me
07..03:21..Second Initial [S.Howe Solo]
08..06:04..Rhythm Of Love
09..12:17..And You And I

DISC 3 ~ 41:07

01..27:53..Ritual [Nous Sommes Du Soleil]
02..05:52..Every Little Thing

Nice show I drove a long ass way to see and tape. Well worth it. It wasn't very loud and actually I think this recording
sounds better than what I remember hearing at the show. Asshole "woo hoo" guy is a bit distracting in a couple songs but for
the most part he keeps his mouth shut. There was no way to put this on two 80 min Cdr's without going thru and cutting crowd,
etc. "Soon" is just hypnotic, an amazing performance of this song, Jon's voice in perfect order at the end of the show.
Hope you all enjoy!!!

NO ARTWORK - someone feel free to make some please!!! [some photos exist at the Forgotten Yesterdays site]

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info file intact and repost info intact. Thanks. Do not trade in MP3 or other lossy format
as it polutes the trading pool. Thanks to those who pay it forward and share it back.

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