Madison Square Garden
New York City, NY
Thursday, May 13, 2004

Disc 1
Firebird Suite
Going For The One
Sweet Dreams
I've Seen All Good People
Mind Drive
South Side Of The Sky
Turn Of The Century
Foot Prints
Mind Drive (Conclusion)
Yours Is No Disgrace

Disc 2
The Meeting
Long Distance Runaround
Wonderous Stories
Show Me
Owner Of A Lonely Heart
Second Initial

Disc 3
Rhythm Of Love
And You And I
The Guru Incident
Starship Trooper

For you lineage fans out there, this was sourced from two different DATs. The source used for Disc 1 was taped by Matt Putzel. Two and three were taped by Jon. I'd give Matt's source an 8.5, and Jon's a 9-9.5. I'm not sure how Matt's source got to Jon, but Jon burned my discs directly from his HD so for discs two and three:

Master>HD>my CDs>EAC WAV rip>flac>this torrent.

I believe Jon used Sonic Studios binaurals for this tape, but I'm not 100% sure.

I was at this gig and it was a hot show in front of a surprisingly rabid, and large, New York audience. Hotter and looser than the official "Songs In Tsongas" DVD for sure, but not as technically perfect as the Philly show from earlier in the week.

A few things make this concert unique, and all happen on the last disc:

--And You & I has an unusual ending. The audience drowned Howe's 12-string out, so he gave up! They ended the song with a different arrangement.

--Jon Anderson brought on his spiritual advisor to do a short speech before Soon. She also tried to get the crowd to chant "OM" with her for a while. This made the show run over the 11:00pm curfew.

--The band closed with Starship Trooper, which had only been played once on the tour, the night before in Connecticut. Alan White cut Steve Howe's solo off before he was ready, and it was a bit of a train wreck.