Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, Colorado
September 10, 2004

Jon Anderson
Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

taper: twister
lineage: DAT>wav>DVDR>CD wav (downsampling and track splitting)>TLH (FLAC level 8)

Disc 1 (1:10:14)

01 intro
02 Going for the One
03 Time and a Word
04 I've Seen All Good People
05 America
06 South Side of the Sky
07 Close to the Edge
08 Steve Howe solo

Disc 2 (1:12:00)

01 Long Distance Runaround
02 Wonderous Stories
03 Roundabout
04 Owner of a Lonely Heart
05 And You and I (dramatic thunder intro)
06 Awaken
07 Starship Trooper

Notes: excellent audience recording from Morrison, Colorado's
world famous venue. A storm arrived just as opening act Dream
Academy took the stage and was in full throttle by the time
Yes started.

The elements definitely befuddle each of the members through out
the show - but, they always manage to work through it. Steve Howe
breaks a guitar string during one of his solos in "America," and
for a moment, doesn't seem to know what to do - but, after a moment,
recovers and resumes quickly tearing through his remaining five

At different points during the show, Mother Nature adds her own
touches with audible rain and thunder. Bravo to the taper for
his heroic capture - and, I understand, that there's a rather
decent videotape of this show, too.

This show features the final performance of "Close to the Edge"
by the 'classic five,' and it is a worthy performance all around.

Trade freely, never buy or sell. I wouldn't do it to you.
Relax, breathe and don't freak out. Namaste.

Disc 1\01 Track01.flac:976d7d04bcb5907217fd34c738de21b9
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Disc 1\03 Track03.flac:f64e3ca89557da0d5b201438989af395
Disc 1\04 Track04.flac:85a6cc30f6d6f36ccb9c4951b4c0a6d9
Disc 1\05 Track05.flac:f6e1cf231c1a3d3cfdf52f38cc3e073a
Disc 1\06 Track06.flac:a35637f6709d3051b86057cf1fae1cbf
Disc 1\07 Track07.flac:d74fc2269441efed16fb02cc13a715a2
Disc 1\08 Track08.flac:2826fe1f072c679170048e6d1f581327
Disc 2\01 Track01.flac:8dd09fab26eb25bf8a42aaeaaab4493c
Disc 2\02 Track02.flac:496b47c32c986c19a305b3f6227411f5
Disc 2\03 Track03.flac:4941f01cef7aae501a9dd35194875d3c
Disc 2\04 Track04.flac:12b395704196ba31d314f2d7ce31a849
Disc 2\05 Track05.flac:a02edb73c9c6acb51393c41ad3d426af
Disc 2\06 Track06.flac:a3331071f14ab720105c6d5890189227
Disc 2\07 Track07.flac:b99fe7263672e386361f6a8770f969fe

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