The Events Center
Loveland, Colorado
September 11, 2004

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Audio extracted from video via VLC for SugarMegs stream

The band:
Jon Anderson
Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Rick Wakeman
Alan White

Notes: This was the 2nd of two nights in the Denver area for Yes; the night before had been a stormy endeavor at Red Rocks.
Loveland is about a 90 minute drive from my house and my wife and I were both pretty fatigued from the previous evening. We
did not bring my then 8 year old son to Red Rocks, because we didn't want him to be tired or to deal with the weather, but,
he did join us for this, his first experience with Yes.

He was excited - he'd only been to one other concert prior to this: earlier in the summer, we went to see John Mayer and Maroon
5, at Red Rocks, but, we got to it late, left early and were otherwise not really into it. My son knew (and knows) that Yes is
my favorite band, so, this was going to be a big night.

Additionally, I had two other friends going along - one of whom wasn't really familiar with Yes and the other who was/is a Yes
crazed maniac (much like myself). We packed into the car and started on the jaunt. If you consider the date of this show and
atmosphere of the culture at the time - it was an election year - I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when the discussion
turned to politics, which led to me and the other Yes crazed maniac discovering that, alas, we weren't (and aren't) on the
same side of the partisan fence. So, that 90 minutes was rather entertaining! In reality, it was fine - it was probably funnier
than anything, because I think we were both totally shocked to discover that the other didn't agree politically. I mean, we
agree on almost everything about Yes!

I mention all this, because by the time 5 people crammed into a Chevy Cavalier got to Loveland, having spent 90 minutes having
an always civil, but, occasionally heated political discussion, I think we were all pretty spent - I know my son was. As soon
as we arrived, he looked at me and said 'I really have to go potty - now.' We got to the mens room, and he proceeded to throw
up all over himself and the counter!

So, I cleaned up and asked him he was ok or if he thought we should go home. He said, 'heck, no - not after you had to clean
all that up!'

Having seen the show itself the night before, which included the final ever performance of 'Close To The Edge' by the Classic
Five, I figured we were going to see a mild setlist change, and that we would get 'Yours is No Disgrace' instead, which is fine,
as I consider that to be the greatest Yessong. But, after everything that had happened in the last 24 hours - which included
sitting in the rain at Red Rocks - I was dead. The video, while actually pretty well shot, sort of reflects that - we were seated
in the back, dead center, with no one around for aisles and aisles, so, I just sat the camera on my knee, opened the side viewer,
and relaxed,filming with one eye, and watching my kid with the other, hanging with my friends and my chick. Mostly, it's fine,
never particularly close (though, I do go in once in awhile), but, occasionally, the angle drifts or gets settled on a piece of
scenery for a few moments.

In retrospect, I see this as the better of the two epic performances - where the band was raging against the elements the
night before, on this evening, they're firing on all cylindors, loose and fiery. This was toward the end of the tour - the
final show with Jon Anderson was in Mexico City 11 days later - and I knew from reading and hearing recordings from earlier
legs that he was tired and somewhat ragged. Later, we heard that he got really sick immediately after the tour, but, I could
see that he was not well even then, and openly wondered if this was going to be it for awhile - I hoped it would, for Jon's
sake. Little did I know that it would be the end.

This has been lightly shared since it was filmed - not out of any desire to hoard, but, simply not having many people to trade
with anymore, and not knowing how to upload a DVD until about five minutes ago. So, here it is - a version that I have
typically traded has been synced with taper bt's master audio, but, this version is with the camera audio.

Disclaimers: this is not intended for sale or profit; this has been preserved for fans by a huge fan. Please enjoy and share
it freely. Any comments upon viewing welcome. Namaste.


Disc One (1:05:46):
01 intro
02 Going for the One
03 Sweet Dreams
04 I've Seen All Good People
05 America
06 South Side of the Sky
07 Yours is No Disgrace
08 Clap
09 Long Distance Runaround

Disc Two (1:06:36):
10 Wonderous Stories
11 Roundabout
12 Owner of a Lonely Heart
13 And You and I
14 Awaken
15 Starship Trooper

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Chapters: Yes
Artwork: No

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