September 22, 2004
Arena Monterrey
Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Taper: JAS
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Battery Box (Bass filter ON) > iRiver iHP120 (44.1 KHz, 16 bit wav files) > USB 2.0 > Hitachi SATA HD
Mastered by MP: wav > Wavelab 4.0 > CD Wave > wav
Conversion: wav > Flac Frontend 1.7 > flac
Location: Dead center, behind the soundboard (Section 129, Row E)


Disc 1
01 Firebird Suite 02:20
02 Going For The One 05:30
03 Sweet Dreams 07:39
04 I've Seen All Good People 07:03
05 South Side Of The Sky 12:47
06 Yours Is No Disgrace 12:37
07 Clap 04:28
08 Long Distance Runaround 05:10
09 Wonderous Stories 04:36
10 Intro 02:25
11 Roundabout 05:30
12 Owner Of A Lonely Heart 04:32
13 The Meeting 02:54

Disc 2
01 And You And I 12:34
02 Awaken 23:41
03 Starship Trooper 14:20

Notes: This was the last show of the 2004 "35th Anniversary" Tour, and quite likely the last Yes show for a while. The setlist was shortened by dropping "America" but a very nice rendition of "The Meeting" was added back.

The recording turned out quite nicely and was made even better by MP's "Kitty-Lickin" work. The first few seconds of the Firebird Suite are missing due to security (I couldn't get my mics into position until the lights went down.) Other than that, the show is complete. The only "issue" is the crowd noise. There was one enthusiastic fan seated to my left who can be heard quite clearly as he comments on the setlist, applauds and cheers, and adds his vocals to the mix. (Fortunately, he's on key most of the time.) Overall, it's not too distracting, and actually somewhat entertaining (if you understand Spanish).

Para todos los Yesfans Mexicanos.

Enjoy, and remember to SHARE FREELY


- Decoding to wav
- Fixing sector boundary errors in tracks 4, 13, 15, 16 with shntool
- Re-encoding to FLAC (level 8)
22 September 2004
Monterrey, NL, M‚xico

Before ISAGP:
Jon: Muchas gracias. Great to be with you tonight. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. To be here tonight, Monterrey, M‚xico. We're gonna do a song, let's everybody sing along, in the key of.... no key.

Before YIND:

Jon: Thank you so much. We, we recorded this next song, the next song, we recorded in1956. Before you were born. Before you were born. The song is called "Yours Is No Disgrace." "Yours Is No Disgrace." "Yours Is No Disgrace."

Before Clap:

Jon: Thank you so much. Let's have a big hand for Mr. Steve Howe on guitar. Mr. Steve Howe.

Before LDR:

Steve: Hey, thank you very much. Very nice to be back, in Monterrey, thank you. Thanks a lot. Thanks.

Before "Long Distance Reggae":

Jon: I remember, I remember when I wrote that song. I went to Jamaica, and originally, the original song was like this, it was more like....

Before Wonderous Stories:

Jon: Thank you. We'd like to do a song which, uh,.... We recorded this song in Switzerland. They don't know ganja. You know ganja? It's o.k. This song is about waking up in the morning; you wake up and everything is so beautiful in the morning. You wake up. Everything is there, like, like great pleasure. Very beautiful.

Before Roundabout:

Jon: Thank you so much. Mr. Chris Squire, on bass guitar will speak to you. He's been practicing Portuguese all the way over from, but, we don't speak Portuguese....

Chris: No we don't. Buenas noches, senores y senoritas. Now I speak English. When Alan White, the man in the, is he in a kilt tonight? No kilt tonight, no. Alan White and I were in the Hilton Hotel in Japan. O.K. And we were talking.... In Japan. We were talking about how to do a new version of "Roundabout" for the "Ultimate Yes 35th Collection Ultimate Fantastic." And Alan said "Well, why don't we try a new groove, like American, Mexican blues, like a good old blues shuffle." So I said, "That sounds like a very good idea, Alan, because you're a very good drummer and you should know these things." And then what happened, was we went to the studio in Los Angeles, and I said to Rick Wakeman, I said "Rick, please, give us a very, very good Mexican blues riff.... And that was it. We did it like that. It was fucking brilliant.

Before OOALH:

Jon: O.K. We're gonna do a song which has an incredible drum introduction, and sometimes, Alan is gonna show you, this is called a paradiddle. This is a paradiddle. A paradiddle, two paradiddles; and a flam, and a bass drum. There we go. So we got three paradiddles, two flams, a bass drum, three paradiddles and two flams, and we come up with this, and.... please, everybody sing the chorus, please, we need you, we need you tonight, sing the chorus. Here we go.

Before The Meeting:

Jon: Thank you so much. Thank you so much. This is a special song. For all the people that you love. Slow down, slow down. For all the people that you love in you heart that are in heaven; the people that you like, your brothers, your sisters, your mothers, your grandmothers, in heaven, this is a song for them.

Before And You And I:

Jon: Whenever we played in America, in San Antonio, or in San Diego, Mexican people would come and wave and say, "Hi."and so it was always important in our hearts to come and play here in Mexico. For me, very, very special, this world, here, very Toltec; a very powerful place. To be in Monterrey with you. It's our last show in this long, long time touring, for a while. And we love making music so much. And we thank you for listening to our music, and we thank you so much. And this kind of music was, 1972, and we lived in a place, very, very beautiful, like today. Life is so beautiful. Every day.

Before Awaken:

Thank you so much. Thank you so much, thank you. It's an amazing thing to be able to make music, and have an audience to come and listen to what we do, we thank you so much. And after so many years, wherever we go, there are people like you who enjoy life, enjoy music. Every day, every single day, is wonderful. Love is so powerful. How do you say it in Spanish? Love is everything. How do you say it? Love is everything. Amor. Love is everything. Love is everything in Spanish. That's all you need. You just need love. All you need is love. All you need is.... So true. That's all you need. So when you wake up in the morning, when you awaken every day, awaken in your heart, your mind. Good time, good time.

Before Starship Trooper:

Jon: Thank you so much, thank you. Thank you. Muchas gracias. Muchas gracias. We want to thank you again for coming out tonight. And thank you for Dream Theater; great music from that band. Hope you're enjoying yourselves this evening, we appreciate it so much. Here's a song called "Starship Trooper," "Starship Trooper," "Starship Trooper."