YES - Karlsruhe, Schwarzwaldhalle 8 November 2009

Contrast clause:

There are two different sources from this show available, by SF and by stgroove. Both were available on dime, but not currently.
This is a remaster using the stgroove source.

The sound of this show was rather reverb loaden, the recording is a good capture but emphasizes the low end way too much. But it's all still there, so the high frequencies just had to be uncovered.

This was my first Yes show with Steve Howe (after a 90125 show 25 years earlier) - even without Jon & Rick I liked it much better. Great stage presence as always: Chris Squire, so this remaster might be a small dedication to his big memory.

Source: Audience Master
Equipment: iRiver (Rockboxed) + Church Audios -> USB -> Harddisk -> CDR -> Flac4
Remaster: bass-, treble+, volume adjustment for applause, announcements and acoustic pieces

recorded by stgroove, mastered by wannerl in July 2015

01 Intro Firebird Suite 3:08
02 Siberian Khatru 10:37
03 I've Seen All Good People 8:44
04 Tempus Fugit 6:35
05 Onward 5:26
06 Astral Traveller - Drum Solo 9:40
07 And You And I 12:12
08 Yours Is No Disgrace 14:50
09 Mood for a day 4:31
10 Ram 4:07
11 Owner Of A Lonely Heart 6:00
12 South Side Of The Sky 12:03
13 Machine Messiah 12:04
14 Heart Of The Sunrise 14:06
15 Roundabout 10:36

total: 2:14:31

Thanks to stgroove!
from the original info:

Nice show of the "new" line-up. The highlight for me was "Machine Messiah". The recording came out really well.
The Schwarzwaldhalle has not the best accoustics for rock concerts and there is some echo audible, despite the fact
I had a seat in the 3rd row in front of the right speakers (Adam's side).
There is nearly no annoying clapping or talking during the concert.

Line Up:

Benoit David - Vocals
Steve Howe - Guitars
Chris Squire - Bass
Oliver Wakeman - Keyboards
Alan White - Drums

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