Yes (Howe, Squire, White)
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Capitol Center for the Arts
Concord, New Hampshire, USA
"Masters of Plaster"

Taper/Mastering: SolitaryPine
Artwork: Andersonic
Location: Audience - Balcony
Source: CSB Mics -> BB w/BRF On -> Edirol R-09 [WAV 24bit/48kHz]
Conversion: SDHC Flash -> WAVs -> PC - Editing/Tracking - FLAC
Editing: Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (iZotope Ozone 4) > WAV (dithering 16/44.1) > CD Wave > FLAC level 8
Checksums: TLH ~ FLAC fingerprints & MD5
Tagging: Fubar 2000

A SolitaryPine Production [SP025],
"For the Love of the Music"

~~ DISC 1 ~~ (68:18)

Firebird Suite
Siberian Khatru
Your Move / All Good People
Tempus Fugit
Astral Traveler
Yours is No Disgrace
And You and I

~~ DISC 2 ~~ (70:08)

Steve Howe acoustic solos (Intersection Blues/The Little Galliard)
Owner of a Lonely Heart
South Side of the Sky
Machine Messiah
Heart of the Sunrise

Starship Trooper

Chris Squire
Steve Howe
Alan White
Oliver Wakeman
Benoit David


It is my utmost pleasure to bring you this release.

This was the 2nd show of the Winter 2010 leg of the tour.

The boys were sounding and looking good as usual. It was great to see more
on stage energy by Steve and Benoit. They all definitely seemed tighter and
also more relaxed compared to the "In the Present" tour. I look forward to
hearing some new studio material from this line up. Maybe they will also
change up their set list a bit as well. Some folks are disappointed in
having the same set list as before.

The venue was interesting. Tight for tall people like myself, but nice.
Pretty good sound. Not too loud, and not too quiet. Although, like last tour,
Benoit and Oliver were sometimes buried in the mix.
Not the best seats in the house for taping, but not bad. There was no
"sweet spot" for the recorder this time, so I had to keep the gear on me the
whole show. Hence it's not the best recording possible, but also not bad.

I did edit out some of the in-between song audience noise (loud talkers) that
occurred, so if you hear edits during the clapping, that is what happened there.
None of the songs were altered in any way.

The story behind the title of this release is interesting. I went through a
few title possibilities before the show, including "Captal YES", but Winston
kindly pointed out the theater name was "Capitol Center", not "Capital Center",
so that title was forgotten.
Then during the show, after Tempus Fugit, Benoit stated that "You know tonight
this place is gonna rock, there's plaster falling off the ceiling right now".
Small chunks of plaster were falling and creating little round white blotches
on the floor in front of Chris. Needless to say, Chris avoided traveling in
that area for the remainder of the night (and his bass pedal volume was
turned down a bit to boot probably to prevent more falling debris).
Needless to say, the venue is still standing, but in need of some repair ;-)
As a result, on the car ride home we had two potential titles:
1) Feeling the Ceiling
2) Masters of Plaster
By vote we decided on the latter, hence the name is born. You can even hear us
speak this title in the recording at a couple of spots.

I want to thank Steve K., Lewis, Tim G., and Ernie G. for helping to
make this night possible.

I also want to thank Winston (Andersonic) for doing the artwork for this release.
As you may recall, he did the artwork for my SP012 release of YES "Alien Ballroom".
Yet another splendidly amazing job! Dank je!
Please visit his website at


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