House of Blues
Cleveland, Ohio
February 21, 2010

Recorded by Warciple
Source: Zoom H2 (SD flash card) 120 degree pattern (internal mics)
Location: Balcony right
Transfer: SD flash card> USB > Nero Wave Editor > CD Wave Editor (tracking) >

Steve Howe-guitar, vocals
Chris Squire-bass, pedals, vocals
Alan White-drums
Oliver Wakeman-keys
Benoit David-vocals, acoustic guitar (Machine Messiah)

This concert was originally scheduled for February 17, 2010 but was moved
along with two other shows due to the snowstorm that hit the US east coast
two week ago.

Since the band's last Cleveland stop (November 2008) singer Benoit David and
keyboardist Oliver Wakeman have become full-fledged members. The set list keeps
growing shorter, with "Tempus Fugit," "Onward" and "Southside" being dropped
("Parallels" was cut sometime in late 08, I believe), making for one of the
shortest Yes shows (by their standards) I've ever seen (just shy of two hours).

I'm not going to indulge any debates over whether this is "really Yes" or not.
It is what it is--a band consisting of three of the group's classic players, each
a stellar musician in his own right, playing Yes music with some younger fellows.
It was a great performance, although this fan was mildly disappointed that
the set list now ignores the catalog from 1973-78 and 1988-2001 completely
(nothing from Tales, Relayer, Tormato, GFTO, BG, Union, Talk, OYE, Ladder,
Keys or Magnification).

What you DO get are 3 tracks from Yes album, 2 each from CTTE and Fragile,
1 each from Time and a Word, Drama and 90125, and a couple solo gems from Mr. Howe.

Photos included in separate folder.

01 Firebird Suite 2:44
02 Siberian Khatru 10:40
03 Your Move / I've Seen All Good People 7:21
04 Chris Squire intros "new" guys 1:07
05 Astral Traveler 8:49
06 Yours is No Disgrace 13:46
07 And You And I 11:27
08 Mint Julep (Steve Howe) 2:09
09 Cat Napping (steve Howe) 4:23
10 Owner of a Lonely Heart 6:02
11 Machine Messiah 11:42
12 Heart of the Sunrise 11:58
13 Roundabout 9:06
14 encore break 1:47
15 Starship Trooper 13:17

Do not buy or sell this recording. Do not convert to lossy.