House of Blues
Chicago, IL
March 19, 2011, 9:00 P.M.

01 Intro (Excerpt from "The Rite of Spring")/Parallels
02 Tempus Fugit
03 Yours is no Disgrace
04 Soon
05 Close to the Edge
06 Howe Solo
07 South Side of the Sky
08 Machine Messiah
09 Owner of a Lonely Heart
10 Long Distance Runaround
11 The Fish
12 Starship Trooper
13 Roundabout

Oliver Wakeman - Keyboards
Steve Howe - Guitar
Alan White - Drums
Benoit David - Vocals
Chris Squire - Bass

Taper/Editor: KyoufuNoDaio (MasterOfPuppets)


Taped and released for the fans, selling or making profit off of this
recording in any way, shape or form will stop me from sharing these with the