Yes - Live at the State Theatre - Sydney, Australia
April 13, 2012

1) Intro
2) Yours Is No Disgrace
3) Tempus Fugit
4) Chris chats with the crowd
5) I've Seen All Good People
6) Benoit David chats with the crowd
7) Life on a Film Set
8) Chris chats with the crowd some more
9) Solitaire
10) In the Course of a Day
11) Steve chats with the crowd
12) And You and I

1) Fly from Here - Overture
2) Fly from Here - Part I: We Can Fly
3) Fly from Here - Part II: Sad Night at the Airfield
4) Fly from Here - Part III: Madman at the Screens
5) Fly from Here - Part IV: Bumpy Ride
6) Fly from Here - Part V: We Can Fly (reprise)
7) Wonderous Stories
8) Into the Storm
9) Heart of the Sunrise
10) Owner of a Lonely Heart
11) Steve talks to the crowd some more
12) Starship Trooper
13) Roundabout

Source/Lineage: Core Sounds Cardioids (pointed towards stage to minimise crowd noise) -> Sony PCM-M10 (mic-in, 96kHz 24 bit) -> Soundforge 10.0b w/Izotope Ozone 5 Mastering Plugin (downsampled to 44kHz, 16 bit for your CD burning pleasure) -> FLAC Level 8

Recorded, mastered and processed by: Yours truly ... Starclassic.

Location: Ground floor seating, three rows in from immediate left of sound desk.

There aren't a lot of songs that I'm familiar with from Yes' catalogue and that's mainly because despite their progressive rock nature,
they're still a very easy listening band who don't really provoke a lot of emotion within when I listen to them.
No offence to their fans but that's just me.

Nevertheless, not being one to turn down a challenge, I was more than happy to volunteer for the recording of these
guys at the request of several people. My only regret is taking this long to release it as I've been busy working overseas
only days after this recording was made!

So, what to say about the show? They're consumate professionals. They know what they're doing and how to do it right. Though
the volume was somewhat tame, the sound was clear as a bell, with only a slightly aggressive EQ curve being made
necessary in the upper-midrange part of the spectrum to help tame some overemphasis from the sound guy. The crowd were reasonably
well behaved and all in all, it was a fun night for everyone.

The recording was a bit too long for 2 CDs but not justifiably long for 3 CDs and that was mostly due to the long
durations of applause between songs. To get that second disc under control, about 2.5 minutes worth of applause
needed scrapping and so there was a fair amount of time spent picking the right points in the recording to
cut and crossfade accordingly. I tried to keep it as inconspicuous as possible but I'm sure people will still pick
that up. My apologies. More importantly though, the songs are all unhindered!

Enjoy the recording people and once again, my apologies for the late release of this piece. A few days more and it would have
been released in a more timely manner!

...and please, don't sell this bootleg, otherwise you're just plain old scum. That and ... nah, Yes are too nice to inflict
pain upon anyone so I'll have to volunteer for the task. Use your imagination as to what I can do to you.