Lewiston, NY
July 17th 2012

Conversion = Master H2 Zoom with Sony ECM 909 Mic mounted on hat>San Disc>
Hard drive>Soundforge 9.0>CD Architect 5.2>Wav>Flac

Sound Quality 8 out of 10 more or less
samples to be provided
sorry no artwork
An Audio Archives Production


Disc One
01. Introduction
02. Yours Is No Disgrace
03. Tempus Fugit
04. I've Seen All Good People
05. America

Disc Two
01. Clap
02. Fly From Here Suite
03. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
04. Heart Of The Sunrise

Here is my offering from my master. Show was stopped early due to pending lightning storm. Sound needed to be dialed in by mixing guys. Seemed to swoop around bowl but not on purpose. Really like the new singer. As close to the real thing you can get. Way better than last years guy. There are other sources out there. Enjoy the show, theklopeks

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