DTE Energy Music Theater (Pine Knob)
Clarkston, Michigan

Taper: ravingandrooling
Equipment: DPA 4061's - MPS6030 - Sony PCM M10
Recording location: ten rows in front of the soundboard, dead center
Processing: 24/48 wav - Sound Forge - 16/44 wav - Traders Little Helper - Flac Level 8

Artwork: Moonwall


1 Intro/Yours Is No Disgrace
2 Tempus Fugit
3 I've Seen All Good People
4 America (Simon & Garfunkel cover)
5 In the Course of the Day (Steve Howe song)
6 Leaves of Green
7 Fly From Here Suite
8 Wonderous Stories
9 Heart of the Sunrise
10 Awaken

11 Roundabout

01 Intro-Yours is No Disgrace.flac:0a551af7707c0ba7c70c665739e9fc78
02 Tempus Fugit.flac:7278120b8990fd223043ee701543f71b
03 Ive Seen All Good People.flac:4d02c2e1639370042d472c8ab4d76873
04 America.flac:9828e18ca55531c77d4319bf7cc34a13
05 In the Course of the Day.flac:89cbec848bfb2d323a71973d9a8d2178
06 Leaves of Green.flac:162023781f0c3973f63e403ed3693627
07 Fly From Here Suite.flac:c7bff5c537caff1097ac3481a8b553dc
08 Wonderous Stories.flac:2cab109d978f90d2f9466a5e8424f189
09 Heart Of The Sunrise.flac:fd0a35bd2b00ad1d68294be72682780a
10 Awaken.flac:70f6fe90e6bbc4bf5baa8e74eeaccc0c
11 Roundabout.flac:d9322203eecc577ec5457827cb221481

I hope you enjoy listening to this show as much as I enjoyed recording it!

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