Live Horseshoe Casino
March 16th 2013
Hammond Indiana

Sec. 201 Row L seat 5

Recorder Mike Doxsee (AKA Yesbassist/progger09)
Sony TCD D100>DAT>Wave Editor>TLH FLAC

Ok first time seeing them With Jon Davidson on vocals, honestly I like the guy his stage persona was there and did a very standup job!
Great energy through out the night. Couple of hiccups

Chris during the begining of And You and I missed his bass cue... dont think any audience member but me caught it.. saw him right after stairing at his bass tech laughing then turned to Alan White shrugging his shoulders.

During I've seen all good people someone started to soon and Steve counted the rest of the group in 2 seconds later.

All in all a great Yes gig
Please enjoy!!