March 3rd 2013
Moody Theater
Austin, TX
Source 1


Steve Howe: guitars, vocals
Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Alan White: drums, percussion
Geoffrey Downes: keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison: vocals, keyboards, percussion, guitar

CD1 Length: 70:31

01 Intro/Firebird Suite
02 Close to the Edge
03 And You and I
04 Siberian Khatru
05 Going for the One
06 Turn of the Century
07 Parallels
08 Wonderous Stories

CD2 Length: 74:44

01 Awaken
02 Yours Is No Disgrace
03 Clap
04 Starship Trooper
05 I've Seen All Good People
06 A Venture
07 Perpetual Change
08 Band Introductions
09 Roundabout

Lineage: Tascam DR-08 w/built in mics @ 16bit/44.1Khz -> USB2.0 -> PC -> Goldwave for track splits -> TLH -> FLAC Level 8

Taper: DDemon72

location: 6th row 15' to left of center

Yes was coming to Austin to play 2 of my favorite albums and Going for the One. I called A high school buddy and Yes fan to see if he wanted to come along. Of course the answer was YES.

We both brought a recorder to get 2 shots at a good recording. Seated in the 6th row to the left of center the view was great as was the sound. The guy next to me was a nice guy but he felt a need to yell YEAH every so often. Over all the crowd was quite while the band played.
I bought VIP seats for $125. I felt I already got my money's worth after Close To The Edge and there was still 2 albums to go! It was great to hear the albums in their entirety just like I heard every day in the summer of 1973 and many, many days afterwards.
There has been discussion about Jon D replacing Jon A. I think Jon D did an outstanding job. Probably better than the current Jon A could do.

This is the Source 1 recording for 3/20/2013.

Share freely but not for commercial use.

Don't convert to a lossy format.

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101 Intro Firebird Suite.flac:9708c5afb39458027212cb9131efdf08
102 Close to the Edge.flac:08ba43a9d7f5e4b20f643e00cd0ecb99
103 And You and I.flac:2aadf1099f9dee761cc3ac3007af945b
104 Siberian Khatru.flac:bf10b77a0be9ce5b74dfa6dd19dbf576
105 Going for the One.flac:8433900a65b1a5e06d0c73f78c050d7e
106 Turn of the Century.flac:46fe00e04c892cea6aa721583e818288
107 Parallels.flac:c5334ad86a4170d3ab1e814a3f414b69
108 Wonderous Stories.flac:c3eeeb771a222bf2f42c0870dee8afbb
201 Awaken.flac:e5b9310e94f69845c4a02a8c63cb1e2a
202 Yours Is No Disgrace.flac:e05154e115ca6e084a8f35ce7e5886a6
203 Clap.flac:3292d2a8a443b6ec2aba3ab6f1bb4722
204 Starship Trooper.flac:8f752b014eab3a35a0328c2fae798e60
205 I've Seen All Good People.flac:16b9cfc8aaa731a03d1ae33367d709e0
206 A Venture.flac:a02b957808911a2350f0a2cf02f6f86b
207 Perpetual Change.flac:0360c6ede0d988bcb32126caa8ff4620
208 Band Introductions.flac:947b9b60ae461d05c152eb9cc5c4fbb2
209 Roundabout.flac:ce1129da678c2b5ef9414a61975ab2d8

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