Yes x 3 tour
May 30th, 2013
Luna Park
Buenos Aires.

SP-BMC-9 > Zoom H-1 > AGC on > wav PCM 44.1/16 > Audacity > FLAC.

Good+ sound, no audio processing.

This is Yes playing complete versions of three of their classic albums: Close to the edge, Going for the One, and The Yes album.
Overall, a very enjoyable show. There were some problems with the sound, and also a bat flying over the band members' heads for most of the duration of the show, both of which Steve Howe refers to on track 17.

1. Intro

Close to the edge
2. Close to the edge
3. And you and I
4. Siberian Khatru

5. Buenas tardes, Buenos Aires!

Going fo the One
6. Going for the One
7. Turn of the century
8. Parallels
9. Wonderous stories

The Yes album
11.Yours is no disgrace
12.The Clap
13.Starship trooper
14.I've seen all good people
15.A venture
16.Perpetual change

17.The Bat - Band introduction

18. Roundabout

Steve Howe: guitars
Chris Squire: bass
Alan White: drums
Geoff Downes: keyboards
Jon Davison: voice

Recorded by Cadornet
Enjoy and share freely, do not sell!