Yes - "Wish The Sun To Stand Still"

Monday, August 5, 2013
Munhall, Pennsylvania
Carnegie Library Music Hall

Three Album Tour - Howe, Squire, White, Downes and Davison

Format: Recorded in 24-bit/44.1kHz
Source: Audience Digital Master
Equipment: A Pair of Milab VM-44 Link Cardioids ~> Marantz PMD661 (Oade CM)
Location: Och Left (Howe side), About 1/3 way back
Taper and Mastering: ninjadave


Total Time [2:28:05]

SET I [87:13]

01 - Firebird Suite [3:12]
02 - Close To The Edge [18:52]
03 - And You And I [11:16]
04 - Siberian Khatru [10:11]
05 - [Chris and Steve Speak] [1:14]
06 - Going For The One [5:52]
07 - Turn Of The Century [8:28]
08 - Parallels [6:23]
09 - Wonderous Stories [4:28]
10 - Awaken [17:12]


SET II [60:52]

11 - Yours Is No Disgrace [11:51]
12 - Clap [3:41]
13 - Starship Trooper [11:03]
14 - I've Seen All Good People [7:22]
15 - A Venture [4:09]
16 - Perpetual Change [9:31]
17 - [Encore Break-Steve Introduces the Band] [2:34]
18 - Roundabout [10:38]


What a weekend. I flew to Kansas City to see the final RUSH gig of 2013 and chickened out and did
not take my gear in to that show. I believe they had wands or walkthrus and wasn't feeling it. I had
an avg seat anyway, straight back on Al's side but in the lower level so even though it did sound pretty
good there, that tape wasn't gonna be that great...and I figured why not just rock out instead of
being the human microphone that night...however, I needed my gear since I coming back to see Yes
in the Pittsburgh area the next night, and I was definately rolling for this one.

Chris, RIP, sounded great this night. The bass is pretty solid here and very well represented. I was
just left of the PA and the show is not quite as upfront as usual, but still pretty good overall.
Seeing a set like this with Jon Anderson and Wakeman would have been spectacular but this is about the
next best thing. This was the last Yes show I saw of Chris and this band (of any lineup as a matter of
fact) and its sad to think I'll never hear that powerful and funky bass again. Its amazing how TONE
is so integral to the player, same notes, diff sounds...The entire band was really playing great as a
group this tour and I'm glad I got to see them. Steve was incredible as usual, great to hear "Clap" again.
Downes is ok on keyboards, nothing like Rick and "Awaken" will never be as good but it wasn't too shabby
this night. The intro to it was botched a little, but again, he's no Rick.

These are probably my favorite Yes albums (for most I'm sure), along with Fragile, which I missed the next
year but I did see a good portion of that record played live since I saw them play Southside and We Have
Heaven in 2002 and 2004 with Jon Anderson, the last greatest version of the Yes lineups. I'm very much
looking forward to the ARW (Anderson Rabin Wakeman) show in Pgh in October.

This master tape is uncirculated and my last Yes show not in the wild. Initially, I didn't think this
show sounded that great but its better than I thought, not perfect but good enough to enjoy by the masses
I hope, so it's time to get it out there...

Dedicated to the master on bass, Mr. Christopher Russell Edward Squire, RIP. Yes will never be the same,
nor will any live version of "Heart of the Sunrise" or "Perpetual Change". Gonna miss that harmonica in "And
You And I" too...that final bass note in Roundabout is so classic Chris Squire, I'm glad I captured it!!

There are some minor EQ adjustments (bass bump and slight cut to mids). I balanced the channels and
bumped the levels as well. This one sounds pretty good on headphones.

There are no fades in the middle tracks. Start with Awaken on disc 2 if burning.

Repost if you like, just keep info and file set intact, please.

UPPED September 2016 by ninjadave.