Yes - Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 46

April 8, 2014
Cruise to the Edge
Pantheon Theater
MSC Divina
En-route from Miami, FL to Cozumel, Mexico

Source: CA-14(cards)>CA-9200>Sony M10(24/48)
Transfer: Micro SDHC>PC>WAV>CQ Mastering>FLAC(16/44.1)
Location: 20th Row, facing stage-right stack

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Covers: ethiessen1

Disc 1:

01 Firebird Suite (3:00)
02 America (10:47)
03 Tempus Fugit (8:25)
04 Close To The Edge (19:08)
05 And You And I (11:52)
06 Siberian Khatru (10:35)
07 Heart Of The Sunrise (12:34)

Disc 2:

08 Yours Is No Disgrace (10:35)
09 Clap (3:46)
10 Starship Trooper (11:13)
11 I've Seen All Good People (7:26)
12 A Venture (4:36)
13 Perpetual Change (12:45)
14 Roundabout (10:04)

Steve Howe
Chris Squire
Alan White
Jon Davison
Geoff Downes

Day 2 continued:

Renaissance, Three Friends, and Yes in the same day? To add to the surreal picture, we had dinner at a table next to the members of PFM with "Supper's Ready" as background music in the dining room. "Is this real life? Is this going to be forever?"

Even though I had seen them less than a year ago and was expecting a good show, I wasn't sure if Yes would measure up to some of the amazing performances we had already witnessed on the ship. Our hosts came through with what I thought was an excellent performance. There even appeared to be some magic on stage, or was it just me on my own magical mystery tour? Most people I spoke with later that week agreed that Yes' first performance was much better than their second. I was pleased to discover that the sound from my assigned seat was far superior to that of my previous experiences in the Pantheon Theater. (At times I think it might be a little "crispy" but I prefer that to a little "muddy.") Day 2 ended with a very happy Lostbrook wandering the decks of the ship listening to the replay of the day's adventures.

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