Yes - Lostbrook 2.0 Volume 51

April 9, 2014
Cruise to the Edge (Day 3)
Pantheon Theater
MSC Divina
Docked at Cozumel, Mexico

CONTRAST CLAUSE: (tapehead2's 4th row capture using different equipment)

Source: CA-14(cards)>CA-9200>Sony M10(24/48)
Transfer: Micro SDHC>PC>WAV>CQ Mastering>FLAC(16/44.1)

Left-Side Balcony (tracks 1-2)
Left-Center Balcony (tracks 3-14)

Taper: Lostbrook
Mastering: CQ
Covers: ethiessen1

Disc 1:

01 Firebird Suite (2:26)
02 America (11:00)
03 Tempus Fugit (8:04)
04 Close To The Edge (19:26)
05 And You And I (11:50)
06 Siberian Khatru (10:11)
07 Heart Of The Sunrise (12:54)

Disc 2:

08 Yours Is No Disgrace (10:48)
09 Clap (3:46)
10 Starship Trooper (11:25)
11 I've Seen All Good People (7:28)
12 A Venture (4:37)
13 Perpetual Change>Band Intros (13:19)
14 Roundabout (10:01)

I enjoyed Yes on Day 2 and wanted to see them again, so upon the conclusion of my frustrating Tangerine Dream experience, I made my way over to the Pantheon Theater and got a good spot on the standby line. I wasn't happy with the side balcony position I was offered but it was almost show time and I didn't see any choice at the moment - in fact I ended up missing a few seconds of Firebird Suite while setting up my equipment. The opening minutes of America didn't sound bad but when the vocals began, I knew immediately I was going to have to move. I waited until the song ended then found a secluded standing position in the left-center balcony where the sound was significantly better due to alignment with the stage-right stack. It was such a dramatic improvement that I decided to break another "taper rule" and went back to the side balcony after Tempus Fugit to bring a friend to the new location. You'll hear a little rustling and some whispers before things settle down nicely for Close to the Edge. The rest of the recording is without incident other than some late arrivals slamming the rear theater doors on their way in, the thought never entering their minds to close the door gently when entering a show in progress. One group barged through the doors and decided to have a nice chat during a portion of All Good People. In the end I'm glad I made the move but all of this threw me a little off balance and I wasn't able to relax and experience the show as I had the previous day. I was also still upset about Tangerine Dream and now I had another flawed recording on my hands. Furthermore, it seemed to me that Yes was slightly off balance as well and that the magic of the first performance was missing, though I wasn't sure if it was them or me. (The vast majority of people I spoke with afterwards agreed that Yes' second performance was underwhelming and didn't approach that of their first.) Either way, Day 3 was in the books with Sound Of Contact, Soft Machine Legacy, UK, Tangerine Dream, and Yes. Not a bad day's "work" I would say.

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