Yes 2014-07-15 WashingtonDC (binaural)
Live at the Warner Theater, Tuesday July 15, 2014

Binaural recording best listened with headphones.

01 - Britten�s Young Person�s Guide to the Orchestra
02 - Roundabout
03 - Cans and Brahms
04 - We Have Heaven
05 - South Side of the Sky
06 - Five Percent For Nothing
07 - Long Distance Runaround-The Fish
08 - Mood For A Day
09 - Heart Of The Sunrise
10 - To Ascend
11 - The Game
12 - Siberian Khatru
13 - And You And I
14 - Close To The Edge
15 - Encore Applause
16 - All Good People-Your Move
17 - Starship Trooper

Jon Davidson, vocals
Geoff Downes, keys
Steve Howe, guitars
Chris Squire, bass
Alan White, drums

Source: Roland CS-10EM binaural mics -> R-26 recorder (24/96 wav) -> Reaper for joining, volume and track division, converted to FLAC (16/44.1) -> to you and I

Note: If you are expecting a quiet, reverent crowd then this recording is not for you. Washington loves its Yes shows and here you are sited right in the middle of an adoring, fully-engaged audience that is clapping, dancing and singing along. For example, at the end of "Mood", Steve had to put his hand up to try to quiet the applause so that he could play the ending grace note. As a recorder I was appalled, but as a fan I enjoyed every minute of the show. I will post some MP3 samples so you can hear before downloading. Due to all the "audience participation" I nearly decided not to upload this, but I was inspired by other posters earlier in the tour and decided to go with this as an accurate reflection of the concert. Besides, it is an historical recording. As Chris wittily explains, this is the first time Fragile has been played in sequence in Washington, DC!

As a binaural recording, this sounds best when listened with headphones. Over speakers it will sound indistinct/muddy.