Yes 2014-3-31 Quebec City
Theatre Capitole
1st row balcony just left of center
CA-11 cardoids/CA-9100/Tascam DR-2d
24/28 wav into Audacity/TLH

Three Album Tour
1) Close To The Edge
2) Going For The One
3) The Yes Album
4) Encore- Roundabout

The band appeared very relaxed and happy. The sound from the balcony was wonderful; Steve Howe's guitar very prominent, but the keyboards were louder than my previous experiences hearing this lineup. The biggest problem with the sound was lack of bass. You'll have to EQ the heck out of it if you want to hear Chris Squires' bass like other Yes concerts. The loud hissing you'll hear towards the end of Perpetual Change is the confetti cannons going off, apparently my mics were pointed almost straight at one of them. There was one A**hole whistler who managed to make his presence known. There is also some clipping, especially during the 2nd set. It hasn't kept me from listening to it again and again, but then I'm prejudiced.

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