Grand Theater
Mashantucket, CT

Steve Howe - guitar, vocals
Alan White - drums
Geoff Downes - keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Billy Sherwood - bass, vocals

A Kitty Lickin' Discs Production

Disc One
1. Onward (Video Tribute To Chris Squire)
2. Firebird Suite
3. Don't Kill The Whale
4. Tempus Fugit
5. America
6. Going For The One
7. Time And A Word
8. Clap
9. I've Seen All Good People

Disc Two
1. Siberian Khatru
2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart
3. Roundabout
4. Starship Trooper

Lineage: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-8 > Sony PCM-M10 > USB > Wavelab 6.1 > CDWAV > dbPowerAmp > FLAC

Recorded by: Relayer35

Comments: Here is the first Yes show after the passing of the great Chris Squire. I must admit, the beginning of the show was kind of odd. The video tribute was nice, but seemed to bring the crowd down quite a bit. Then Yes came out and opened with "Don't Kill The Whale" which seemed to baffle the crowd even more. If you had me guess what the first song in the post-Squire era would be, I don't know how many guesses it would have taken to get to that one. They saved the the "greatest hits" for the end of the show, and the first have was top heavy with a few rarities. This was the first full length version of "Time And A Word" for me, as I didn't make it to the SLO shows and they only played a small excerpt during the "The Ladder" tour. Strangely enough, there wasn't one original band member present from the original recording, so this was an odd choice. That being said, it was probably the song I enjoyed the most. The crowd got back into it by the time they got to "I've Seen All Good People". I have to be honest, I really did miss Chris Squire's presence. It wasn't the same without him. He left us too soon. It was an odd show, but an enjoyable one anyway!

This recording came out decent, though probably a notch lower than the four 2014 Yes shows I recorded. A sample will be attached. This venue looks like it should have great acoustics, but it never does. The best sound seems to be up in the balcony for some reason. This was recorded from the floor about 8 rows back. I actually made two recordings, and am working on a matrix of the two, but I don't have time to get that out today. So you may see another version of this from me soon.

Artwork is included in the torrent. The photos are from the actual show.

Please share this recording in unaltered lossless quality. If you need to remaster, or something, let me know, and I can provide the undedited raw master (without EQ/volume tweaks) for you to use.

-- MP August 2015

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