Time Is The Measure
Drama+Fragile Tour
Newcastle City Hall
Newcastle upon Tyne UK
Artwork Included
Quality B+

Lineage Tascam DR-05>HD>Audacity>Dime.

Split tracks,fade in and out on Audacity.
Checked SBE's with Trader's Little Helper.

Steve Howe - guitar, vocals
Alan White - drums
Geoff Downes - keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion
Billy Sherwood - bass, vocals

Maybe your old enough to remember 1980
a pop duo which just had a number one joined a rock band.
Doesn't sound a big deal,but at the time all the music papers were fuelling
the fires by printing letter after letter from yes fans,i can still remember
one which claimed Trevor Horn had no right to sing Starship Trooper.
In an interview Trevor Horn mentioned, after the next tour,we won't be doing any of the old songs.
This was a new Yes for the 80's.It didn't quite make it into 1981.
Tempus Fugit indeed. Yes Drama fans of this era are named Panthers.

For All Panthers Everywhere

Disc One
1. Machine Messiah
2. Man In A White Car
3. Does It Really Happen
4. Into The Lens
5. Run Through The Light
6. Tempus Fugit
7. Time and a Word
8. Siberian Khatru

Disc Two
1. Roundabout
2. Cans and Brahms
3. We Have Heaven
4. South Side of the Sky
5. Five Per Cent for Nothing
6. Long Distance Runaround
7. The Fish
8. Mood for a Day
9. Heart of the Sunrise
10.Don't Kill the Whale
11.Owner of a Lonely Heart
12.Starship Trooper

Grammy award-winning rock giants, YES, announce a double-album 2016 Spring UK/European tour.
The band will perform two of its iconic albums, Fragile and Drama, in their entirety.
Legendary progressive rock band, YES, will start their 2016 UK-European Tour kicking off 27 April 2016 in Glasgow, Scotland
and wrapping up 2 June 2016 in Bari, Italy. On this tour, fans can look forward to a unique YES experience; the band will perform
two of its iconic albums in their entirety, Fragile and, for the first time ever, Drama.

YES will delight audiences with tracks from two of its most influential albums.
Fans will hear long-time favorites, including Roundabout, Long Distance Runaround, Heart of the Sunrise, Machine Messiah,
Into the Lens, Tempus Fugit, and more. In addition, YES will perform all the tracks in the order they appear on each corresponding studio album.

�This is a first for us,� said YES guitarist, Steve Howe. �This is the first time we�ll be performing Drama in its entirety.
In fact, most of the Drama songs haven�t been performed in some 30 years.� YES drummer, Alan White, adds, �Drama�s a great album,
and we decided it�s long past due to bring its life and energy back to the forefront. We think the fans will love hearing Fragile and Drama in their entirety,
and we certainly look forward to performing them.�

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