LDB Master Series #414
*My Top 10 Masters 2017*

Welcome to my Master Series which started way back in November 2005. This series is only about masters, concerts I
recorded myself either from audience or from radio/TV broadcasts. Occasionally I could also share masters that have
been kindly given to me by many friends and fellow tapers I have been meeting during my long career of live taping.

I have stopped seeding my masters after volume 400 about three years ago and since then I have shared just a few,
mostly to address requests from friends. I have not stopped recording shows, though, so there is quite an impressive
amount of files from my recordings that are yet uncirculated.

I have taken the liberty to look at those uncirculated masters and selected ten which I thought were special for some
reasons. They will be seeded over here. Hope you will enjoy them!

Milano, Teatro Nazionale
May 28, 2016

01.On Ward (for Chris Squire)

Drama album:

02.Machine Messiah
03.White Car
04.Does it really happen?
05.Into the Lens
06.Run through the Light
07.Tempus Fugit

08.Time and a Word
09.Siberian Khatru
10.Going For The One *
11.Owner of a Lonely Heart *

Fragile album:

12.Roundabout *
13.Cans and Brahms *
14.We have Heaven *
15.South Side of the Sky *
16.One Per Cent for Nothing *
17.Long Distance Runaround (partly *)
18.The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)
19.Mood for a Day
20.Heart of the Sunrise

21.Starship Trooper

TT 138:16

Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid) > Zoom H4n (24bit/48kHz) > HD > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Lineage*: Olympus (internal mic) > HD > SoundForge 10.0 Pro > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Billy Sherwood - bass, backing vocals
Steve Howe - acoustic, electric, slide guitars, backing vocals
Alan White - drums, percussion
Geoff Downes - keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison - vocals, guitar, percussion

Honestly I was a fed up to Yes live after so many times, the first one being back in 1984 at Milan's Palasport (which was
closed one year later because of the massive snow that destroyed the venue's roof). But I had never seen the whole Drama
live so it was a very good opportunity.

The show was indeed very enjoyable and nostalgic as that was the first time the band had played Italy without Chris Squire.
I don't remember why at one point the recorder stopped working but actually it did! Fortunately I had a different source
available so I could paste the missing part from this alternate recording.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience. This recording is uncirculated.