Paramount Theater
Denver, Colorado, USA
August 24, 2016

Steve Howe
Geoff Downes
Billy Sherwood
John Davison
Jay Schellen

Lineage: Sony ECM-717 (mic) / Sony PCM-M10 (recorder) > 16/44 > CD wav (track splitting) > FLAC (using Traders Little Helper)
Level 8 - files tagged in MP3Tag.

tracklist (2:28:18):
01 Intro
02 Machine Messiah
03 Man In A White Car
04 Does It Really Happen
05 Into The Lens
06 Run Through The Light
07 Tempus Fugit
08 I've Seen All Good People
09 Siberian Khatru
10 And You and I
11 The Revealing Science of God
12 Leaves of Green (from The Ancient)
13 Ritual
14 Roundabout
15 Starship Trooper

Note: Seventeen times I've seen Yes and, by my count, I've only seen the same lineup on consecutive tours twice since 1988!
And, so it was with this one, with Jay Schellen replacing Alan White on the drums - but, this seems (to my eyes and ears) to
make a huge difference in the energy and enthusiasm of the band. Not to blame Alan, but, the tempos are undoubtedly faster
this year, the show is longer and the setlist is much more interesting - and totally awesome for a Yes geek such as myself.
Drama AND Tales? Yes, please.

Plus, we indulged in the meet & greet package, so, we had great third row center seats - pretty much in the lap of the band.
I'll tell you - the merch package was pretty impressive: band autographed poster, program, TFTO album cover t-shirt, 3-D ticket,
tote bag, plus two photos and two autographed items of your choice (I had them sign the program and a vinyl remaster of Drama
that I bought at the booth). My wife was pretty down on seeing what she has previously dubbed as "Maybe"; after the concert and
M&G, her enthusiasm for the experience was overriding any previous skepticism. After such a lackluster performance last year,
I was delighted that my band was able to deliver a solid evening of entertainment.

As always, this recording would not have been possible if not for the unending patience and support of my wonderful wife. For
this show, I was able to use the restroom at the interval (between Siberian Khatru and AYAI), so, I pretty much sat still the
entire show - and I'm happy to say that, despite my close proximity, the recording came out very well!

Finally: please don't sell the recording, but, otherwise, do with it what you wish. Share it and trade it, and remember: these
and other greats will not be around forever, so, let's enjoy them while we have them. Best wishes to all of the fans out there
and Namaste.