YES featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman
Hudson Gardens Amphitheater
Littleton, Colorado
September 3, 2017

lineage: Sony ECM-717 (mic) / Sony PCM-M10 (recorder) > 16/44 > CD wav (track splitting) > EAC (for track fades) > FLAC (using Traders Little Helper) Level 8 - files tagged in MP3Tag

01 intro
02 Cinema
03 Perpetual Change
04 Hold On
05 South Side Of The Sky
06 And You And I
07 Lift Me Up
08 Rhythm Of Love
09 I Am Waiting
10 Heart Of The Sunrise
11 Awaken
12 Owner Of A Lonely Heart
13 Roundabout

Notes: Second time seeing this lineup, first time with them referring to themselves as Yes. This definitely feels like Yes, but, the venue is not conducive to a Yesshow - the show began shortly
after 7:30 and was over by 9:25, with all of the people around us being there as "members" rather than being there specifically as Yes fans. Which is not to say the band didn't come to play - they
seem a bit rusty early in the tour, but, they certainly had energy to spare. Was pleased to see South Side of the Sky and I Am Waiting, disappointed that Changes was dropped and that the whole show
was over in about an hour fifty-five. But, as my wife noted, Jon Anderson probably doesn't have it in him to perform much longer anymore.

The whole venue is general admission and we were seated in lawn chairs about three feet behind the soundboard - the sound was clear, but, not particularly loud and, as a result, my recorder picked
up pretty much every conversation that occurred during the show. At the very beginning, the guy next to me asked which of the band were original members, pointing at his ticket - nobody spoke directly
to me again during the show, but, the guy in front of me got on the people in front of him at the start of Awaken to sit down - which you hear loud and clear on the tape. Still, turned out pretty
good all things considered.

As always, this recording would not have been possible if not for the unending patience and support of my wonderful wife. I ended up using the restroom at the beginning of AYAI and then again at the
beginning of Awaken, so, the sound changes slightly when I hand the recorder over to my wife, then again when I take it back upon my return.

Finally: please don't sell the recording, but, otherwise, do with it what you wish. Share it and trade it, and remember: these and other greats will not be around forever, so, let's enjoy them while we
have them. Best wishes to all of the Yes fans out there and Namaste.