Grand Theater at Foxwoods Casino
Mashantucket, CT

Steve Howe - guitar, vocals
Geoff Downes - keyboards, vocals
Jon Davison - vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, keyboards
Billy Sherwood - bass, vocals
Jay Schellen - drums, percussion
Alan White - drums (last 4 songs)
Tony Kaye - keyboards (last 3 songs)

A Kitty Lickin' Discs Production

Disc One
1. Firebird Suite
2. Close To The Edge
3. Nine Voices
4. Parallels
5. Sweet Dreams
6. Soon

Disc Two
1. Awaken
2. Yours Is No Disgrace
3. Roundabout
4. Starship Trooper

Lineage: CA-CAFS > SP-SPSB-8 > Tascam iXJ2 > Lightning Adapter > iPhone 6S (Twisted Wave Recording App) > Air Drop (Transfer to MAC/PC) > Wavelab 6.1 > CDWAV > dbPowerAmp > FLAC

Recorded by: Relayer35

Comments: This was my 60th Yes concert (counting ARW shows), and the 28th I've recorded. It's been a wild ride! Unfortunately, this one was a bit of a let down. Not because the band was bad or anything, but because this being a casino show, it was a much shorter set. I'm happy that some of the rarities were left in, but it all just seemed so short. I never understood the casino mentality that the show must be short so the people can go back out and gamble. I think if people are going to gamble, they're going to gamble. Why not let the band play the full set and serve them more drinks during the intermission? This was so short, there was no intermission, there really wasn't even an encore. Alan got up from behind his kit after Awaken, but they decided to just play through. This clocks in at about 1:40, where the NJ show I attended last week was about 2:35 (not including the intermission), and six less songs were played at this one.

As has been my norm the last few times out, I made two recordings again. I haven't had a whole lot of luck with the CAFS microphones since I got them. They are very tiny and the sound is amazing considering the size, but when compared to my other mics I don't think they sound quite as good. However this time, they came through! The other recording had a lot of trouble with Billy's bass, which I haven't really experienced since I started using a battery box back in 2007. The CAFS handled it much better, and the whole thing sounds great (albeit a bit short!) This venue isn't my favorite. While the seats are comfortable and the venue is very nice and the staff is friendly, it always sounds a bit boomy. This is the fifth time I saw Yes here, and this is probably the best they sounded.

Artwork is included in the torrent. The photos are from the actual show

Please share this recording in unaltered lossless quality. If you need to remaster, or something, let me know, and I can provide the undedited raw master (without EQ/volume tweaks) for you to use.

-- MP July 2018

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