YES featuring Anderson Rabin Wakeman
Leavitt Pavilion
Denver, Colorado, USA
September 3, 2018

Jon Anderson
Trevor Rabin
Rick Wakeman
Lee Pomeroy
Lou Molino

Tracklist (2:07:32):
00 intro
01 Cinema
02 Hold On
03 I�ve Seen All Good People
04 Changes
05 And You and I
06 Rhythm of Love
07 Perpetual Change
08 Lift Me Up
09 I Am Waiting
10 Heart of the Sunrise
11 Awaken
12 Owner of a Lonely Heart
13 Roundabout

Lineage: Sony ECM-717 (mic) / Sony PCM-M10 (recorder) > 24/96 > 16/44 (down sampling, cuts & fades and normalization + limiter on some loud claps and nearby yelling using Audacity) > CD wav (track splitting) > MP3Tag (for file tagging) > FLAC (using Traders Little Helper) Level 8

Notes: This was the first time my wife and I have seen a show at this venue - so, like the old folks we've become, we drove out to it the day before to make sure we knew how to get in and out. The Leavitt Pavilion is (to me) like a smaller scale version of Fiddlers Green Amphitheater - it's a large grassy area behind a limited number of seats with a small (but serviceable) stage. We were seated in Row G in the center - nice view and very nice sound.

We really enjoyed the performance - love to hear the YesWest material. Wish they would switch it out a little - we've seen this show three years running now,
and the only thing "new" about this year's set was the "Sunshine Of My Love" medley affixed onto the end of "Owner". And even that's a throwback to the 1994 Talk tour. But, having not heard Rabin in the band for over 20 years until his return in 2016, I'm willing to cut them a little slack.

This was the 6th of 7 planned concerts this year. 19 photos that I took from my seat during the show are included; they ain't art, but, they give you an idea of where I was seated.

Finally: please don't sell the recording, but, otherwise, do with it what you wish. Share it and trade it, and remember: these and other greats
will not be around forever, so, let's enjoy them while we have them. Best wishes to all of the Yes fans out there and Namaste.