A Concert Dream: Called Over Valleys of Endless Seas

If Jon Anderson was Yes' lead singer and he asked me to compile a setlist for him, this is how it would look. And sound.

Disc 1
d01t01, Firebird, 2004-06-22, Paris, FRN
d01t02, Roundabout, 1971-11-24, New York, NY*
d01t03, Perpetual Change, 1999-09-12, Buenos Aires, ARG
d01t04, Close to the Edge, 2001-12-01, Brighton, ENG
d01t05, Heart of the Sunrise, 1979-06-09, Chicago, IL
d01t06, Gates of Delirium, 1974-12-01, Baton Rouge, LA

Disc 2
d02t01, Cans and Brahms, 1973-03-10, Tokyo, JPN*
d02t02, Long Distance Runaround, 2004-09-13, Albuquerque, NM
d02t03, Clap, 2004-09-17, Concord, CA
d02t04, To Be Over, 2003-09-20, Sydney, AUS
d02t05, Show Me, 2002-10-24, Clearwater, FL
d02t06, We Have Heaven, 2002-08-23, Universal City, CA
d02t07, South Side of the Sky, 2004-08-22, Hartford, CT
d02t08, Turn Of The Century, 1977-10-27, London, ENG
d02t09, The Revealing Science of God, 2002-08-24, Las Vegas, NV

Disc 3
d03t01, Intro to The Remembering, 1974-02-14, Uniondale, NY*
d03t02, The Remembering, 1974-02-14, Uniondale, NY*
d03t03, The Ancient, 1973-11-27, Sheffield, ENG*
d03t04, Ritual, 2001-08-11, Columbus, OH
d03t05, Flight Jam, 1977-10-27, London, ENG

Disc 4
d04t01, Awaken, 1977-10-28, London, ENG
d04t02, Your Move/I've Seen All Good People, 1998-03-01, Nottingham, ENG
d04t03, In The Presence of, 2001-09-06, Holmdel, NJ
d04t04, And You and I, 2004-05-13, New York, NY
d04t05, Yours is no Disgrace, 1977-08-12, Boston, MA
d04t06, Starship Trooper, 1973-03-08, Tokyo, JPN*

YES (the players):
Jon Anderson - lead vocals
Tom Brislin - keyboards
Bill Bruford - drums
Steve Howe - guitar, vocals
Igor Khoroshev - Keyboards
Patrick Moraz - keyboards
Billy sherwood - guitars
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Alan White - drums, vocals

We open with the "Firebird," of course, and then from there, the Voice. Jon Anderson, with his distinctive tenor, simultaneously delicate and powerful, is Yes' one and only true lead singer. It is the band's fifth (or first) musical instrument. Imagine Zeppelin without Plant, the Doors without Morrison, the Stones without Jagger. Yes without Anderson? Listen to the the power of "Gates," the innocence of "Show Me." Only a voice as versatile as Anderson's can handle the vocal requirements of compositions as diverse as those.

Howe's guitar is the next defining Yes sound. The acoustic break of "Clap" into "To be Over" bookends his talent over the years, but it's the electric lead fills in "South Side" and solos in "Trooper" and "Disgrace" that absolutely boggle the mind.

Yes' other three elements close the circle. White and Squire work together seamlessy. Check out their interplay on "Heart of the Sunrise." Yes has employed other keyboard players but Wakeman is the band's quintessential piano man. The standouts here are the back and forth with Howe on "South Side," the 1973 solo piece, "Cans and Brahms," "Turn of the Century" and, of course, the masterpiece, "Awaken."

The astute Yesfan will notice that all save one of these compositions come from that golden era (1970-78) when Yes' successful creative energy knew no boundaries. Our imaginary concert starts with a Bruford driven "Roundabout" when the boys weren't tired of playing it. The symphonic "Close to the Edge" stuns in its reach and scope. The awesome "Gates of Delirium" provides a taste, both composition and performancewise, of what could have been had the Moraz era lasted. We hear "Tales" in its entirety and even for those who weren't thrilled with that "bombastic" orchestral work, to hear it performed in its entirey is to marvel at Yes' ambition in those years. A lively "All Good People" with its nod to John Lennon highlights the band's vocal harmonies. The show closes with the stunning MSG performance of "And You and I"...what, in retrospect, should have been Yes' final performance. All that's left are the two encores and the final notes fade over valleys of endless seas. We love when we play. Indeed.

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"Live Music is Better"
October 2014

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