A Concert Dream II: The Fish

With the passing of Chris Squire, one of the band's founders and only original member present throughout Yes' various incarnations through 2015, here is my tribute to this utterly unique and prodigiously talented musician. He was much more than just "the bass player." Chris' influence and leadership took Yes in many directions, but despite the many misfires, personnel changes, and infighting, he always brought the music back to excellence, humor and optimism.

[from wiki] "Squire's unique tone was very clear and distinct, and his playing was noted for being aggressive, dynamic and melodic. Squire's main instrument was a 1964 Rickenbacker bass (model RM1999, serial number DC127), which he bought and began playing in 1965.The instrument, with its warmth, was a significant part of Squire's unique sound. Due to its distinctive tone, which has been compared to that of a guitar, it allowed the bass to take on a more "lead" role, which created a dynamic sound, and suited Squire perfectly.

In a 1973 interview for Guitar Player magazine, Squire recalled how he had obtained his distinctive tone at the time by rewiring his RM1999 into stereo and sending the bass and treble pick-ups each into a separate amplifier. By splitting the signal from his bass into dual high and low frequency outputs and then sending the low frequency output to a conventional bass amplifier and the high-frequency output to a separate lead guitar amplifier, Squire produced a tonal 'sandwich' that added a growling, overdrive edge to the sound while retaining the Rickenbacker's powerful bass response. This gave his bass sound bright, growling higher frequencies and clean, solid bass frequencies. This technique allowed Squire to utilise harmonic distortion on his bass while avoiding the flat, fuzzy sound, loss of power and poor bass response that typically occurs when bass guitars are overdriven through an amplifier or put through a fuzz box.

Squire claimed to have rewired his bass to stereo, even before Rickenbacker introduced the Rick-O-Sound feature, so he could send the output of the bass (neck) pick-up through a fuzz box, while keeping the treble (bridge) pick-up clean, because the last sounded "horribly nasal" when used with the fuzz effect. He also played with a pick which contributed to the sharp attack as well as using fresh Rotosound Swing Bass strings for every show."

Christopher Russell Edward Squire (March 4, 1948 � June 27, 2015) Rest in Peace

Disc 1
d1t01, Give Love Each Day, 2001-12-13, Manchester, ENG
d1t02, Siberian Khatru, 1979-04-18 Quebec City, CAN
d1t03, America, 2002-08-24, Las Vegas, NV
d1t04, Don't Kill The Whale, 2002-08-25, Las Vegas, NV
d1t05, Everydays, 1970-04-03, Koeln, GER
d1t06, Soundchaser, 1976-07-22,Vancouver, BC, CAN
d1t07, In the Presence of, 2001-09-03, Danbury, CT
d1t08, Show Me, 2004-06-22, Paris, FRA
d1t09, Owner of a Lonely Heart, 2004-06-20, Glasgow, SCL
d1t10, Winter, 2002-10-24, Clearwater, FL
d1t11, Roundabout, 2004-06-22, Paris, FRA

Disc 2
d2t01, Sweet Dreams, 2004-07-12, Braintree, ENG
d2t02, Perpetual Change, 2001-10-26, Katowice, POL
d2t03, Wonderous Stories, 1977-10-24, London, ENG
d2t04, Onward, 1996-03-06, San Luis Obispo, CA
d2t05, Time is Time, 2004-06-19, Manchester, ENG
d2t06, We Have Heaven, 2003-09-14, Tokyo, JPN
d2t07, South Side Of The Sky, 2003-09-14, Tokyo, JPN
d2t08, Parallels, 1977-08-12, Boston, MA
d2t09, Rhythm Of Love, 2004-04-18, San Diego, CA
d2t10, Heart Of The Sunrise, 2003-07-01, London, ENG

Disc 3
d3t01, Going For The One, 2004-06-18, Birmingham, ENG
d3t02, Magnification, 2002-08-23 Universal City, CA
d3t03, To Be Over, 1975-06-23, Los Angeles, CA
d3t04, Hold Out Your Hand, 1976-06-04, Memphis, TN*
d3t05, You By My Side, 1976-06-04, Memphis, TN*
d3t06, Madrigal-Silent Wings of Freedom, 1978-10-28 London, ENG
d3t07, The Fish, 2003-07-01, London, ENG
d3t08, Awaken, 1979-05-05, Vancouver, BC, CAN

Disc 4
d4t01, Time And A Word, 1996-03-06, San Luis Obispo, CA
d4t02, And You and I, 2001-12-04, London, ENG
d4t03, Ritual, 2004-06-22, Paris, FRA
d4t04, Starship Trooper, 2004-09-22, Monterrey, MEX
d4t05, Soon, 2004-04-28, Atlanta , GA

YES (the players):

Jon Anderson - lead vocals
Tom Brislin - keyboards
Bill Bruford - drums
Steve Howe - guitars, vocals
Igor Khoroshev - Keyboards
Patrick Moraz - keyboards
Billy Sherwood - guitars
Chris Squire - bass, vocals
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Alan White - drums, vocals

Tapers: various
Lineage: N/A, All tracks are from the original filesets as previously torrented.
Notes on Sound Quality: All Audience Recordings except as noted: Sound Quality is Excellent to Excellent+ throughout except*
*SQ is Fair to Good
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-Special note: "Onward" and "Time and a Word" are taken from the 1996-03-06, San Luis Obispo show. According to Forgotten Yesterdays, the officially released "Keys to Ascension" uses the performances from 1996-03-05.


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A word about compilations: This compilation is diguised as a concert. I put together these performances for my personal enjoyment, and share them for the same reason. There are many Yes compilations available; "Wondrous Stories," "Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection" and "Word Is Live." This collection is not meant to replace, but complement, the official releases. Nothing beats the original tracks themselves.

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"Live Music is Better"
September 2015


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