Yo La Tengo- 1990 01 04 early show Knitting Factory, NYC

Transfer note:
The volume fluctated a bit during the show, sounded like the taper changed levels a few time. The first 8 seconds of Track 2 started very quiet, so I raised the volume to try to match the rest of the song. Fixed a volume glitch in track 3. Raised the volume on the beginning of Track 6.

From YLT:
"But today’s most compelling sight on memory lane is the 1990 date at the Knitting Factory. The other act on the bill was Bewitched. Maybe Bob Bert remembers if this happened during their first set or their second, but at some point, they were joined onstage by a complete stranger who started singing “Everybody loves rock ‘n’ roll.” Naturally that was the final number of the set, after which the band made their way backstage (i.e. the hall leading to the third floor), where their newest member delivered his post-game analysis: “We was good!”"

1 intro
2 Trudy
3 The Story of Jazz
4 Barnaby, Hardly Working
5 Just In Case You're Wondering [Ugly Duckling]
6 Always Something
7 Sad
8 Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)
9 Fog Over Frisco
10 Bermuda [Roky Erickson]
11 Mushroom Cloud of Hiss
12 Hanky Panky Nohow [John Cale]


Lineage: Audience Master > 2nd gen tape > Tascam 202MKVII > USB > CDWAV > Audacity for fades, normalization, noise reduction > CDWAVE (SPLITS) > FLAC [an o'lachtna production]