Yo La Tengo
Metro, Chicago
September 15, 1990

Set - 0:59:31
01. Balancing Act (Volcano Suns Cover)
02. Tried So Hard (Gene Clark Cover)
03. Can't Forget
04. You Tore Me Down (Flamin' Groovies Cover)
05. Cast a Shadow (Beat Happening Cover)
06. The Summer
07. Something To Do
08. This Is Where I Belong (Kinks)
09. Here Comes My Baby (Cat Stevens Cover)
10. The One To Cry (The Escorts Cover)
11. Barnaby Hardly Working
12. What Can I Say (NRBQ Cover)
13. Yellow Sarong (The Scene Is Now Cover)
14. You're Gonna Miss Me (Roky Erickson Cover)
15. Speeding Motorcycle (Daniel Johnston Cover)
16. Encore Break

17. Lewis
18. Drug Test
19. Encore Break

20. I Found a Reason (Velve Underground Cover)

16 bit 44.1 kHz

Sony ECM-909 Mic > Sony D6 Pro Cassette Recorder

Nakamichi CR-5A > Sony M10 > Adobe Audition (minor editing) > CD Wave (convert to flac)

Taper: JB
e-mail: radioheadusa@comcast.net
date of seeding: July 24, 2016

It's finally time to digitize all my old cassettes. I'll post most of the shows on Dimeadozen. I traded many of these shows with others in the past. It's possible that someone might have posted some of these shows somewhere online. This will be the first time that I have ever uploaded any of them. It's a large list of tapes, so it will take a while for me to get to all of them.
These shows were all recorded over twenty years ago. Some of these tapes may not have survived as well as others. I'll always post a sample, so you decide if they're worth downloading.
I picked up a used Nakamichi CR-5A to convert the old tapes. It was inspected, repaired, and calibrated by a professional.