Delta 88
New York, NY
August 17, 1991

Stonecutter Archives #1 (stereo fixed)

AUD > unknown mics > Sony WM-D6 (?) > cassette master > cass (1st gen.) > Tascam 424 Mk II > Sony PCM-M10 (Line In, 24/48) > WAV > SoundStudio > FLAC (16/44)

Recorded by Rich B. and Ken
Transferred and digitally mastered by neil d

CONTRAST CLAUSE: This recording is an upgrade of http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=523024, re-transferred with correct stereo separation.

01 Griselda
02 Lewis
03 Cast A Shadow
04 No Water
05 Farmer's Daughter
06 A House Is Not A Motel
07 Swing For Life
08 I Can't Make It On Time (The Ramones)
09 Tried So Hard
10 Speeding Motorcycle
11 Barnaby, Hardly Working
12 Here Comes My Baby
13 Yellow Sarong
14 Andalucia
15 Something to Do
16 At The River's Edge (New Colony Six)
17 Can't Forget
18 Scissors (Barbara Manning)
19 This Is Where I Belong (Kinks)
20 By The Time It Gets Dark
21 For The Turnstiles (Neil Young)
22 Sh-Boom (The Chords)
23 What Can I Say
24 The Summer
25 Jet Plane In a Rocking Chair (Richard Thompson)
26 Emulsified
27 You're Gonna Miss Me (13th Floor Elevators)
28 Drug Test
29 Sweet Jane (inc.) (Velvet Underground)

Ira Kaplan: acoustic guitar, vocals
Georgia Hubley: drums, vocals
Kevin Salem: electric guitar
Wilbo Wright: upright bass

Rich B., aka Stonecutter, recorded hundreds of shows in New York in the '80s and '90s, and traded for hundreds more. Until recently, most of these have been stacked up in trays and trays of DATs and cassettes in his basement, most of them never shared beyond a relative handful of tape trades. Through his generosity, a few of us are helping to digitize and share these hidden gems. No one can say how many of these there will be, as we haven't hit bottom yet.

And away we go: The first selection in the Stonecutter Archives is a show from the Chelsea club Delta 88, featuring the touring lineup that Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley put together to support their Facebook album: guitarist Kevin Salem and upright bass player Wilbo Wright. According to Jesse Jarnow's book "Big Day Coming," in fact, this was the second-to-last ever performance with Salem and Wright, as James McNew had recently arrived on loan from Refrigerator as temporary bassist, and was about to take over for good.

This show, recorded by Rich and his friend Ken, features semi-acoustic performances of a bunch of Yo La Tengo originals, Fakebook covers, and non-Fakebook covers. Sound quality is quite good, especially for an early-'90s cassette master — low crowd noise and clear mix. End of show (last part of Sweet Jane plus set closers Alyda and one song whose name wasn't recorded) was cut off, probably because the tape ran out.