Forum, Enger, Germany
May 20, 1992
Stonecutter Archive #22

AUD > cassette (2nd gen.) > Tascam 424 Mk II > Sony PCM-M10 (Line In, 24/48) > WAV > SoundStudio > FLAC (16/44)
Recorder unknown, cassette copy provided by Rich B.
Transferred and digitally mastered by neil d

01 I Heard You Looking
02 Shape of Things to Come (Max Frost and the Troopers)
03 Artificial Heart
04 Always Something
05 Out the Window
06 Five-Cornered Drone (Crispy Duck)
07 Barnaby, Hardly Working
08 Satellite
09 Upside-Down
10 Some Kinda Fatigue
11 Drug Test
12 Mushroom Cloud of Hiss
13 Sudden Organ
14 Tried So Hard
15 Orange Song
16 Action Time Vision (Alternative TV)
17 A Song For You (Gram Parsons)
18 Barstool Blues (Neil Young)
19 I Heard Her Call My Name (Velvet Underground)
20 By the Time It Gets Dark (Sandy Denny)

Rich B., aka Stonecutter, recorded hundreds of shows in New York in the '80s and '90s, and traded for hundreds more. Until recently, many of these have been stacked up in trays and trays of DATs and cassettes in his basement, never shared beyond a relative handful of tape trades back in the day. Through his generosity, a few of us are helping to digitize and share these hidden gems. No one can say how many of these there will be, as we haven't hit bottom yet.

If I’m counting right, this was the third of 28 shows in 33 days in Europe that YLT played with Seam, described fondly by Ira at yolatengo.com as “Eight people - among them John McEntire, who you’ll remember from such records as Fade, taking over from original drummer Mac McCaughan - are shoehorned into a van that whatever number it holds comfortably, it definitely isn’t eight.” Recording quality is just okay, but the setlist more than makes up for it, with a pre-Painful “Sudden Organ” and a bunch of great covers. More Stonecutter-provided recordings to follow from this tour, but I don’t think any of them feature “Shape of Things to Come.”