SUNY Purchase Student Center, Purchase NY
April 9, 1998

Stonecutter Archives #7

AUD > ? > cassette > Tascam 424 Mk II > Sony PCM-M10 (Line In, 24/48) > WAV > Audition > FLAC (16/44)
Recorder unknown, cassette copy provided by Rich B.
Transferred by neil d
Edited by Brandon

01. Double Dare
02. Autumn Sweater
03. Rocket #9
04. Barnaby, Hardly Working
05. Sugarcube
06. Paul is Dead
07. The Summer
08. Stockholm Syndrome
09. Shadows
10. Little Honda
11. Artificial Heart
12. Tom Courtenay
13. Big Day Coming
14. Deeper Into Movies
15. encore
16. Big Sky
17. Love Power
18. Bad Politics
19. Attack on Love
20. encore 2
21. The Whole of the Law

"Rich B., aka Stonecutter, recorded hundreds of shows in New York in the '80s and '90s, and traded for hundreds more. Until recently, many of these have been stacked up in trays and trays of DATs and cassettes in his basement, never shared beyond a relative handful of tape trades back in the day. Through his generosity, a few of us are helping to digitize and share these hidden gems. No one can say how many of these there will be, as we haven't hit bottom yet."

One of the openers was Pumpernickel. Mark from the band writes: "We certainly did play that night, and opened up for them in binghamton the year before i believe. We're trying to make a home recording comeback in the coming months." Their music can be found here - https://pumpernickelsongs.bandcamp.com/

"Love Power" (from Mel Brooks' "The Producers") is introduced as "a Jewish folk song" in honor of Passover.