Yo La Tengo
2020-08-07 Mass MoCa, North Adams, MA

Walk-on Music
Big Day Coming
From Black To Blue
Wanted Man
Periodically Double Or Triple
Wilco story
If I Ever Was A Child
For Shame Of Doing Wrong
For You Too
The Pain Of Pain
setlist banter
I Feel Like Going Home
Nothing To Hide
Double Dare
ten albums banter
Smile A Little Smile For Me
Little Eyes
Marge Simpson & John Wayne banter
Stockholm Syndrome
Moby Octopad

I Heard Her Call My Name

Socially distanced acoustic show in Mass MoCa Courtyard C
First Yo La Tengo show since the onset of COVID-19 Pandemic

Recorded by Matt Emmer
Mastered by Neil d

Tascam DR-05 (internal mics) > EQ to roll off bass and slightly boost vocals (–1.5 dB per octave below 640kHz) > Light dynamic compression to reduce loud peaks from clapping (4:1 ratio above -6dB) > Normalize>Light parallel compression to bring up the quieter bits (copy compressed at 7:1 ratio above -9dB, mixed 50/50 with original)