Yo La Tengo - 2021 10 11 San Francisco DM

Show note:
First night of YLT at the Chapel, armogi kindly sent his source. I did some level improvement as he adjust the volume a few times in the set. I did some leveling, fades, and brightened the sound (raised bass & treble), and split the tracks up. I decided to cut out some of the applause between set 1 and set 2, but merge them to have it flow better. I didn't touch the encore applause.

1 Ohm
2 Song for Mahila
3 The Summer
4 Ashes
5 Let's Do It Wrong
6 She May, She Might / Ack Ack Ack Ack [Urinals]
7 The Ballad of Red Buckets
8 You Are Here
9 Satellite
10 Stupid Things
11 False Alarm
12 Stockholm Syndrome
13 Shades of Blue
14 Moby Octopad
15 For You Too
16 Today Is The Day
17 Shaker
18 Ohm
19 Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind
20 Slow Death [Flamin’ Groovies]
21 She's My Best Friend [The Velvet Underground]
22 Big Day Coming

Lineage: On-Board Mics > Sony PCM-M10 > WAV > Audacity (normalization in sections, reduction of appaluse volume, fades) > SoundForge (Compression 1.5 @ -6 dB) > CDWAVE (splits) > FLAC