Yonder Mountain String Band
February 3, 2001
Mountain Jam Records, Eugene, OR

This was a special pre-show engagement, open and free to the public that the boys played at
Mountain Jam Records, a store owned by two kind and highly skilled taper/traders (whose names escape me).
This show was done without mics or amps, and with all kinds of dogs and kids and families who gathered to see them. You can even hear
a train go by in the middle of Paddy on the Turnpike. Fun, memorable show played on a rainy northwest
winter afternoon. Unfortunately Mountain Jam records is no longer around. They were a local treasure in their day.



01. Easy As Pie
02. I Loved You Enough
03. Idaho
04. Sorrow Is A Highway
05. Paddy On The Turnpike
06. You Must Have Had Your Reasons
07. Check Out Time
08. Rambler's Anthem
09. My Father's Arms
10. the Pan-American
11. Red Rocking Chair