Yonder Mountian String Band
Orpheum Theater, Madison, WI

Source: SBD>Mod SBM-1>D8(patch)@48K
Transfer: Tascam DA20MKII>Delta Dio 2496>Samplitude>Cool Edit Pro(edits)>CDWAV>MKWact>SHN (brianvoelz@wi.rr.com)

Unplugged Encores: recorded at the stage by Justin H. and Martin M.
Sony E.C.M.-MS907 stereo mic( Electet. Condenser. Mic.) > Sony DCR
TRV-120 digital 8 handycam > analog RCA cable > panasonic 765 consumer burner

Disc 1 ( Requires an 80M Disc)
Set 1:
Going Up
Going Across the Sea
Mental Breakdown
End of the Day
Must've had your Reasons
Roughneck Blues
Gold Rush
You're No Good
20 Eyes
Waiting on Vassar >
Dawn's Early Light >
Girlfriend is Better >
Bolton Stretch

Disc 2
Set 2
Mother's Only Son
Granny Woncha Smoke Some >
Free to Run
To See You Coming Round the Bend
No Expectations
My Gal (New Way)
8 Cylinders

Disc 3
Set 2(cont)
Traffic Jam >
Fiddle Jam >
?Jam? >
?Instrumental?? >
Traffic Jam

E: Darling Allalee *
Crazy Train *

* Unplugged at the lip of the stage

There were a few of minor digital errors in the left channel that I removed using the Declicker plugin for Cool Edit or by mixing the data in from the right channel.

Edit or by mixing the data in from the right channel.