Yonder Mountian String Band
Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA

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Taper Brad Burleson

Disc 1
Set One

Peace Of Mind > Big Jam > Peace Of Mind,
You're No Good,
Another Day,
The Darling One (for Dr. Paula's new son Peace Nick),
Easy As Pie,
Lord Only Knows (Part One) >
Bolton Stretch >
On The Run >
High Cross Junction >
Mother's Only Son >
On The Run

Disc 2
Set two

Pride Of Alabama,
Hit Parade Of Love,
And Your Bird Can Sing*,
Half Moon Rising,
Keep On Going >
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodaloo >
Keep On Going,
High On A Hilltop,
Long Gone,
To See You Coming 'round The Bend,
Ramblin' In The Rambler >
20 Eyes >
Rambling In The Rambler,

Disc 3
Set two Cont.

Snow On The Pines >
Follow Me Down To The Riverside > Over The Waterfall,

E: (Single Mic)
Dim Lights Thick Smoke (with the unplugged record slowdown),
Only A Northern Song,
Goodbye Blue Sky,

* = 1st Time Played