Yonder Mountain String Band
Ancramdale, NY - Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival - Rothvoss Farm

Taper: Brian Skalinder [bskalinder@yahoo.com]
Location: 10' Left of Center, 75' back, 10' up from hill
Config: DIN (20cm, 90�)
Source: MBHO 603A/KA200 > Hosa MIT-176 > modSBM-1 > D100
Conversion: D100 > Waveterminal 2496 > Cool Edit 2000 > CD-Wave


01. Another Day
02. Crooked Hitch
03. Lord Only Knows >
On The Run
04. Mother's Only Son >
06. On The Run
07. Darling One
08. Town
09. 20 Eyes
10. fade out


01. fade in
02. Peace Of Mind >
03. Jam >
04. Follow Me Down To The Riverside >
05. Peace Of Mind
06. Crazy Train


Brian Skalinder [bskalinder@yahoo.com]

d1t01 - 03:19 - dropout - tape unloaded!

To combine both discs seamlessly, simply remove fade-out d1t10 and
fade-in d2t01.

Even though I was a ways back, the location wasn't too bad. (I'm gonna
have to get there *really* early next year to get a primo spot). The
Grey Fox main stage is a big hill, and I was behind the soundboard
about 20', horizontally level with the speaker stacks which were raised
well off the ground next to the stage. My recordings from the weekend
(complete main stage Thu-Sat) vary in quality due to chattery nearby
crowd, low output from the PA, rain, and strong wind.

This recording turned out better than many of the others because the PA
was cranked nicely, the rain and wind had stopped earlier in the evening,
and the crowd was actually attentive (!) to the performance.